High Fierce

Something new by me :


I think i’m starting to grasp PhotoShop a little better, but still some distance to go yet. I hope you all like.

Hey, your are getting better with 'shop

let’s see, the pic, it looks good. You have the right idea, but the wrong approach. Make sense? Your drawing skills is good and you seems to have a good sense of poses, but your anatomy hurts your pics alot. They seemed like drawfs, I had this same problem a year or so ago, my people would have correct size heads but thier waist and legs seemed to get shorter, like I was trying to fit it all on one page. I could go on all day. Keep up the coloring and work on dem bodies. Don’t let anatomy hurt your progress.

I see you’ve been trying stuff out - II see improvement both in terms of drawing and colouring in PS :slight_smile: Good idea for the pose, too. I really like the lines on the feet, it’s a tiny detail but it adds to the general feel of your work.

I agree with Deonysios in that a better grasp of anatomy and proportions wil greatly improve your stuff. You tend to over-emphasize your heads, proportion them to the bodies. Also, don’t be afraid to add more mass to the bodies (in terms of muscle, bulk, etc) when drawing stuff.

Foreshortening is a bit tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it with practice. It helps if you use a reference, or even a mirror to help visualize what you’re trying to depict.

Once you’ve gotten those two down, focus on finding dynamic positions and compositions.

nice pic, keep drawing :slight_smile:

btw, why “high fierce?”

in SF, “fierce” is synonymous with “heavy punch”… which is a tad unusual since Ryu’s kicking :slight_smile:

It’s a preference thing… some people like big hands, i like big heads…

OK, even i don’t buy that. I can’t seem to help it right now. I promise you, i really will try to make an effort from now on.

Deonysios - thanks, your comments and the encouragement is greatly appreciated. I hope to see progress from you also.

Errmm, it is? Crap, i did not know that, i thought fierce could imply either fierce punch or fierce kick.

Thanks rook for your comments! Great to see more work by you.

aint no thing as a fierce kick, thats a round house.

Nice effort on improving your skill. You picked a difficult pose and angle to work with, and the results really aren’t bad. As for the head being to big, yeah i guess so, but all it really ends up doing for me is making it lookh like he’s a bit younger than normal. Anywhoo, keep working at it.