High level DeeJay matches?

Does anyone know where I can find some high level DeeJay matches, he’s always been my favorite character, and I just want to know if there’s anything I haven’t seen yet, or know yet.

I’ve played you on live and I can honestly say that your DeeJay is about as high tier as it gets…

you ain’t neva lie

I have a crapload of ST matches, but DeeJay shows up very rarely. Here’s a link to some:


Scroll down a ways, they’re down there.

Thanks UltraDavid, you are the f’n man. :tup:

Edit: Are those free to view, or do you have to pay $3.95 monthly to view them?

You gotta sign up, but it’s free. I always thought it was weird that there aren’t more high-level DeeJays in videos, he’s a good character.

I agree, he’s an excellent character if you now how to use him right, may not be “top-tier” but can be a tough nut to crack nonetheless. Anyways, thanks for the link UltraDavid, my friend sent me the videos of DJ vs Bison and Ken. Honestly, I didn’t learn anything from them, in fact, I think they made me worst, lol.

wow…nice link. anymore links to vids like that?

hmm. I been trying to learn DeeJay and was wondering if any of you could gimme some tips?

Just check http://video-opera.com/ every day. It scouts out all the new vids for you and then gives you links to the sites with new vids. Today, for example, it links to new ST vids on http://www.combovideos.com/. I haven’t watched them yet, so I haven’t seen if they have any DeeJay players on them.

I don’t know how to play DeeJay, never really spent time with him, so I can’t give you any tips. Afro probably can though.

Edit: PS: There aren’t any DeeJays in those vids, but there’s some sweet ST action nevertheless. Mmmm, Zangief, Hawk, and Honda are so sexy…

I douible checked those X-Mania matches on CV, there were no Dee jays played.


Does nayone have all the X-mania 4 vids? I have a ton of other vids I can hook you up with for a lot of games.


THCHardcore: I have the all the vids from disc 3 and 4. PM me and let me know what you’re looking for.

DJ is a zoning/brawler character. He can zone somewhat decently with his maxouts and his high-priority normals, but he can’t play this kind of game against characters whose fireball offense is better than his. (Ryu, Ken, Old Sagat)

DJ’s at his best when he’s in close and he’s knocked down the opponent because then u can start his crossup BS. His jump forward is excellent for crossing opponents up and from there you can just mix it up. Crossup into combo, go into tick throws, all kinds of crazy shit.

When you’re at a distance play the zoning/fireball game using maxouts and keep opponents out with his various anti-airs like stand strong, stand fierce and his slide. But if you’re looking to do major damage then your goal should be to get close and score a knockdown. His low forward is ridiculously fast (for a forward kick) and it will beat out a lot of things AND it knocks down. Slide is good too and it also lets you advance a bit while u charge. But yeah, once u get the knockdown, start DJ’s crossup games and mix it up with throws and combos.

Deejay(especially OG Deejay) also has one of the best ambiguous crossups in the game.

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