High level disrespect



First of all, I’m bad. Dude did try 3 overheads on me though… so I did 4.
Please enjoy this top level play.


Lol. Godlike.


I do this with ibuki. With sakura i am terrified to overhead since mother fuckers are always hitting buttons even after all the frame traps. Bitch please just stop pressing all the buttons for a sec so i can overhead you.


Haha. Looking back, I could have gone for a 5th one.


Respect should be overheaded, not given


I find that if I throw someone two times in a row, the rest of the match devolves into a throwing contest. I think the other person gets obsessed with either showing me they can tech, or that I can be thrown as easy as them (both true, btw). It’s kind of like being overheaded over and over; there is a need to prove they know better.


Daigo actually goes for 2-3 Ryu overheads in a row in some videos I’ve seen, and I always see it connect because the other top player never expected that.


Way to clutch it out. Well done.


Pure comedy, good stuff lol


You just boiled every match I’ve ever had into 23 seconds.


Reminds me of Third Strike and just doing overheads with Yun and winning like, 90% of the time because everyone in my area was a scrub.


Seems legit to me.


“high lvl disrespect”
“im bad”



LOL that video. :lol:


Lol! Good one!


He woulda been salty as all fuck if you had caught him with the otoshi…


Clearly this thread went over your head.


high to low level disrespect *


The sailor chick needs to eat more to be that strong.