High level play, tournaments, etc

Hey, this is my first post, but I’m a long time viewer of these forums. Good to finally stop lurking.

Having watching some(a lot) match vids at high level, I think I’m pretty much ready for tournament play in a couple of games. Battle of Destiny in London will be my first event, and I will be entering two games. Capcom vs SNK 2, and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike.

Now, that’s awesome. However, are there any other major tournaments/institutions in the UK/Europe which will involve lots of skilled players? Once a year won’t really satisfy me. Tournaments I’d be majorly interested in would be:

KOF 98,2002
SF2(any version)
Guilty Gear (Any version)

I hope you’ll excuse the scrubness of this post, and thanks in advance for any replies.


Cheers for the link!

Check out http://www.neoempire.com

We are running the battle of destiny tournament, as well as other fighting game events in the UK.

Don’t suppose there’s a mailing list?

As far as I know, nope.

Did you know theres fighting game tournaments in Birmingham at the omega sektor? There was one just this sunday.

To my knowledge, stuff like Tekken etc is played there, right?

I’m not much of a 3d fighter player, though I could get into it. I really haven’t played a Tekken since 3.

Though, DOA is right up my alley.

Yeah it was a 3D fighting game event, but in april OSPLAY was held there and it had 3s and HSF2. I know the next one there will be in a few months and it will be 2D only.