High-level Player


Excuse me if I sound pretentious in saying this, but I want to be a top-level player in fighters. It depresses me greatly to think that I’m just another unremarkable freebro in a sea of others. Unknown and unrecognized. It seems like a waste to me, being content with remaining at such a level. I dunno.

Now, to my question. What makes a “high-level” player. Is it a level anyone can reach or is it something that requires an almost natural talent to achieve? I mean, there are a ton of extremely intelligent and diligent players here, but we’re all not Daigo’s or anything like that. Is there just something specific that separates high-level players from the ones who are more common-place. Just curious to see what you dudes think.

And please excuse my rambling. Just sort of passionate about this subject, I guess.


The drive and determination to be the best! I’m a begginer May suck now, but I’m winning a major. Fuck that I wanna play Daigo and beat him. And all the others, I’m getting bodied now, but when I’m wiping the floor motherfckers I will be considered one of socials best.

However that is years down the line baby steps.

Fist bump*

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I can sympathize with your drive. Your first and most important step is staying true to that goal. Diligence is key. You need to stick with a game, not trade it up every time a new fighter comes along. Time is crucial, investing it a necessity above all else. Top players commit upwards of 8 hours a day to practice alone; that said, you don’t need to commit that hard to do exceptionally well, although it helps. Focus on the important bits.

Anyone can achieve high level play. Natural skill comes to a few, but that can only get you so far in the face of intelligence and understanding from an opponent. As for what separates players like Daigo from the rest of us peasants, there are many factors. I’d say he is more daring, able and willing to take risks, to read his opponent in the heat of the moment and react accordingly.

I’m not exactly best of the best. Try reading Playing to Win to understand a bit more about high level metagame, from a credible source.


I’m not a top level player, but here is what I feel is required.

  1. Many hours playing against high level players. The better the competition you face, the better you’ll be.

  2. Many hours being a student of the game: studying frame data, working on execution on optimum combos, study of match ups, watching high level tournament play, etc. A lot of this is boring and perhaps tedious, but is necessary.

  3. Finding a character that fits you and is tournament viable.

  4. Natural ability. Superior reflexes, quick thinking and a strategic orientated mind, good coordination.

  5. Calm under pressure. If you get nervous easily, you will always fail.

  6. Killer instinct. Ultra competitive with a burning desire to win.

Do you want fighting games to be a major part of your life? Can you devote countless hours to it, eschewing other fun things you could be doing in your leisure time? Ask yourself these questions. If you can’t there is nothing wrong with playing for fun when you feel like it and have spare time (like I do). However you will never be a champ.


I agree with this post, except for #4. These are things which develop from playing fighting games, they are not required to play fighting games. You don’t develop godlike reactions and a quick mind unless you do something that tests them. Most of the things that people attribute to talent are actually just the result of hard work.