High level players and Taunting?

I have noticed that high level players never taunt each others, it is disrespectful but at the same time its entertaining for the viewers, example when Scumbag taunted Juicebox.

In every other sport there are people who taunt and stuff but on gaming community there is hardly any taunts and stuff, its like if gamers are like robots without feelings.

I wonder why it is like this, any other gamers who can share there opinion in this subject?

So the players should taunt more often…to show they have feelings?

Tokido often taunts after a stun and before landing Raging Demon.

It’s just there’s no point in taunting…you’re vulnerable while doing it and it’s often a quick way to get hate from the audience (unless you’re Tokido). In 3S it’s really common because you get benefits from performing taunts (and I’ve heard commentators say it was disrespectful lol).

maybe you work really hard to become a top player so you can taunt on stage

Who cares about taunting? It usually doesn’t do anything. Unless its dans taunt which does fullscreen unblockable, unavoidable “emotional” damage.

Tokido is the only one who doesn’t give a fuck and taunts people as far as I know.

However not taunting as Dan is disrespectful :stuck_out_tongue:

Then lose and get angry and throw your stick.

Tatsu, one of the best Vega’s on the planet, does some taunting every now and again.

But taunting suits Vega, it’s part of his character design. He even has that special move ‘taunt’ where he tosses his claw off and laughs at the opponent.

I agree, taunting is a crowd pleaser. Pros should do it more often.

That Genius K127 Vega player taunts all the time. Online/offline, he gives he gives no fux.

I’ve seen plenty of high level players taunt, usually you don’t have time to do it because it leaves you open but I’ve seen Daigo taunt J Wong before. It’s funny, the button is in the game for a reason.

Because imagine how shitty you would feel if you were in a high pressure match, and the person who is about to beat you basically says that they thought the match was free.

There was a Bison player at Evo last year that taunted like crazy. Ran right through some dude on stream. Bison Taunt #10 is basically instant win if you also throw a lot and use scissors pressure. lol.

Would it have been Big Marcus? You don’t see many Bisons at high level anymore.

I being a zangief play made a bad read vs wolfkrone in grand finals at frosty fausting and Wiffed a u2 which he taunted and punished.

This was totally justified and I was totally fine with it. It made the match more hype and I will get him back if I can. All in good fun imglad taunts are there.

It’s called having respect. Taunts and shit talking happens all the time, just not necessarily on screen. Real players don’t give a damn about entertaining viewers, only getting the win by any legal means necessary. You’d rather win with clean play, as opposed to looking like an idiot by taunting, and then losing horribly for anyone on the internet to see. You ever hear anything good about Scumbag lately?

Plus taunting has scientifically proven to give other guy a 42% chance of making an epic comeback.

Marn used to taunt a lot, until he decided not to be hated by everyone in the community.

I remember that, lol. It was a young black dude that was wearing sunglasses. Yeah, he taunted and beasted the shit out of the other player.

As a Fei player, I like to take the occasional moment to lay down under fireballs.

When people taunt in high level play it is entertaining but at the same time I can see why people would find it a bit disrespectful.

Me personally I think people in high level play don’t taunt simply because the don’t wanna get blown up after a taunt and look like an idiot. I have seen this happen 2 both Scumbag and Marn.

In there cases I actually thought it effected there gameplay. There mindset was probably “I just taunted, Oh s*@t I better not lose this match” and that in turn throws off there gameplay

You sir know how its done.