High level players meet


Any high level players on this forum? I know its hard to find good competition now a days (or even a good video game), so if your interested in playing high level players on either system you can post here.


Level as in IN GAME level which really means nothing? Or level as in tournament level. Because if its in game level, Bah! Seeing Lvl 60 Noel Drive spammers sickens me.


i mean skill wise, a place to display and put use of your expertise.


Not like lvl 70 Litich DP spammers is any better


I would say count me in, but I’m currently having to retrain my hand to use a stick…again.

Damn my hand injuries.


There’s some pretty good competition here, it depends what console you got a lot of the better players play on PSN, but you can get good battles on both consoles.


You want to play high level? Play people offline at tournaments. If not try #blazblue on efnet.