High Level Sean Players Do Exsist!


  1. dont do too much! while it is tempting to just throw basketballs when you think you have space, all of the top tier chars have many options avalible for punishing poor sean. building meter with mp is going to be more benificial then throwing a one damage projectile. this goes for ex tackle too.

  2. wakeup is your friend! sean has a lot of options for mixup, and i suggest you use them all, at least at one time or another. train the opponent to stand up either techthrowing or trying to parry the ball or tackle. sean is notorious for wakeup, but most of his plans can (and will) be foiled by a simple shoryuken or super. you have to take into account what super your opponent has and if they have a bar when you perform your mixup. which brings me to my next point…

  3. be carefull! even though i dont pride myself in being an exceptional sean player, i think i can get the job done, and being reckless has never made that job any easier. realize that sean has shoto pokes… AND USE THEM!! his standing strong builds meter and has safe recovery. random c. mediums can lead to hadou bursts which (sadly) is seans main damge dealer. his far fierce can also stuff pretty much any other poke when thrown early enough.

im done ranting…please gimme feedback, because i know im no “uber” sean player, just playin em for fun.

-nf0x :karate:

Note: good knowledge of the game helps also

On wake ups: crouching foward can be your best friend. If Cr. Foward connects you can cancel into a dragon smash or super art 1 and 2 (You can also cancel the dragon smash in to super art 1 and 2). If they block cr. foward, walk up and tick throw by kara throwing.

Not to much to work with Sean. One of his better pokes is standing fierce.

You can set up the basketball as parry bate on wake ups (just like Dudley’s rose). One of the things I like to do is after they parry, kara throw them.

Use Sean Tackle (don’t actually follow threw with the tackle though) to get close to your emeny to throw them.

Nay - this is super basic shit, I’ll post more later, this was just so random…

“Note: good knowledge of the game helps also”

out of everything i said, what even remotely hints at the fact that i dont have “good knowledge of the game”?

also, what normal do you use for seans kara throw?

-nf0x :karate:

I never said you didn’t, don’t take that remark person. I was just adding on to what you were saying. Sean really has no priority or really solid attacks… So you have to work even harder to get that victory.

You can’t use far fierce against most opponents that have meter. Even if you hit Ken crouching, for example, he can do reversal shippu and connect. There are a number of other things that can be used as reversals if you hit standing or have it blocked. Far fierce is a bad, bad move that looks good because of quick startup.

Also, his kara-throw is with f+fierce.

What id the best S.A. to use with Sean?

my bad naysay, took it the wrong way. anyways i think that hadou burst is his best SA, but not by much. it is true that the cannon’s damage is scaled, but if done alone can take a giant chunk of health. remember, it has 10 frames of invincibility (i think). compare that to ryu shin shoryuken which only has 9 frames, and its not tough to understand that SAII has its uses, no matter how much damage. plus you dont have to worry about reduced amount of ex moves you can do since seans moves are generally bad ex and without ex.

ponta i disagree to some extent about his far fierce. its true that it can be countered, but as long as you dont whore it, i think youll be safe. just a side note: far fierce is better used as a counter poke, because if used alone (just like ponta said) youll get smashed.

and thanks for the kara info!

-nf0x :karate:

I thought Hadou-Burst sucked, cause one parry and it’s dead, its fast but has poor recovery. I used to use Hyper Tornado.

Hyper Tornado rocks. It’s only downside is it being a single, long bar super.
For the other purposes,it’s just like Ken’s Shippu.
It punishes everything (Alex’s EX elbow comes to mind), easy and good hit confirms -links after cMP at any distance and standing close HK, low LK3, LK2, LK-LP-LK (depending on the opponent), UOH.

I’d say super art 1, due to is short bar and it stores 3 of them, so ex moves are still an option. I used to used 2, 1 is shorter and and basicly have the same links.

while i do personally feel that SAI is the best, it is a toss up between SAI and SAII. now that thats established, what about match ups? personally i have a tough time with alex. wake up against him is tuff because of his command throw, and if he has stun gun, he can wake up stun gun and go through your basketball and c.lk, land and kill you. his 360 is probably even more deadly on wake up. SO FRUSTERATING!!!

ive given up on chun, yun and makoto. ken is the only real top person that is remotely beatable with sean. does anyone have any ways to take down a good chun, yun or makoto?

-nf0x :karate:

there is one thing I’ve learned about Sean. He sucks against Twelve.

close standing roundhouse.

the fucking truth!! :clap:

in close roundhouse mixups are the shit.

Somethings I noticed while playing my friends sean.
1.For some reason hes very hard to hit on a wake up with foward meduim over head with ryu and kens back medium kick.For some reason I had to switch my timing to much later to get him to block it.As opposed to other characters.

2.Down fierce is a bitch ~_~.If you cant parry your gonna eat one.

3.axe kick is hard to get a clean shoryuken hit.I was almost 90% trading with him.

4.his comand roll completly shut down my Denji super setups a few times ~_~.

5.SaIII hurts :sad:

What to evade from using

Far away Ryuubi Kyaku’s, Twelve can c. MP counter u or c. Hk when u recover. He can also use c. HP’s & c. HK to grodd cross u up and confuse u.

Tornadoes, use only in combos and if close. From far away Twelve can c. MP. Mix em up though, cause its not as easy to counter them as Ryuubi Kykaus

Only use Shoryu-Cannon if close or in combos, or else Twelve can throw ya or c. HK when ya recover.

Dont use too many Sean Tackle (dashes) Twelve can easily c. LK, c. MK, c. LP or standing MP yo ass.

Dont use Hadou-Burst, except maybe in resets & combos. Or else he’ll walk under & throw ya.

These are just the basics. This is one of Twelve stronger matches, however, as long as Sean doesn’t make mistakes he can win this.

Nigga , i just saw my friend played a KICKass sean , last night !!

he does roll on wake ups 1st , and throw …
and use surprising feint-tackle

surviving with sean , is to play with his agilty …

and abuse throws …

jump around … and rarely use tornay and qcf-k …

i almost defeat a good chunli player 2day w/ sean…
5% remaining on her life bar, and i got hi by her sa2… :sad:

Other fun things about Sean- using SAII against a scrub using Ryu’s SAII. :smiley: Shoryu Cannon owns it! :smiley: Always fun baiting out the wakeup Shinshoryuken, and smacking it back down with the Shroyu Cannon. :smiley:

If no one else noticed, Sean can jump like Vince Carter on crack. I tend to abuse that against people who jump a lot. :smiley:

And tackle into throw? That’s such an old trick… But anyways, another fun one to throw in to mix it up is tackle into EX Axe kick. :smiley: Since they’re usually blocking low anyways.

fuck chun li! any dumb ass chun knows not when to stop abusing the jump>throw…sean’s MP>HK is his greatest asset against a persistant, scrubby chun, who thinks jumping and throwing are the only major food groups in this game.