High quality alternative to TE stick


Hi everyone,

With the upcoming wait for my TE stick weighing heavily on me I thought I would look for alternatives.

First things first I am on 360. As far as I know the only stick on the market that you can buy off the shelf, that could come close to meeting the TE for quality, is the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 (think I got that right), but most people seem to be modding that as well.

The other option I suppose would be getting a custom stick made. Unfortunatly I have no idea where to order one. I did a search and there are loads of threads about custom sticks, but they all seem to be about making your own. If someone could recomend a good site to look at for getting one made to order I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for your time guys



If you are looking for custom made sticks I hear http://www.arcadeinabox.com should be pretty good.
You can always build your own aswell.


The HRAPs are nice.

If you want something really nice look for the SE Special Editions.

I think they are better than the TE Mad Catz stick.

The HRAP EX is ok if you switch out the buttons (thats what I am getting)


SE special editions!? What is that? :open_mouth:


It’s the Upgraded version of the EX


All Semitsu buttons.

Really clean insides.


Here is a better video check out what the insides look like!



I love this place. 15 min and I already have so many helpful replys. Thanks so much guys.

I am tempted to make my own stick and in the future I may do just that. But right now I dont have the time and more importantly the skills to do it with any kind of confidence.

I have not taken SF seriously until but with SF4 I intend to so I want something VERY good. I have owned a Hori Virtua Stick High grade (the VF5 special edition) and found it rather hard tro use. I found diagonals and suck hard to hit, and even jumping forward or back rather weird. I also would prefer to have a tad more resistance on the buttons. They worked fine but felt a little… soft I think is the right word. It would be nice to actually feel that I have pressed the button.

Now this may all be because I have very little experience on sticks but still, I am wondering if there is anything I could do with parts to help those problems.

Thanks again guys


You sound like you need to get a Octogon gate.

Get that for your Virtua Stick High Grade and you are as good as it gets.

(though most people do like the square gates)


Is it a square gate that comes on the VS high grades? Sadly my knowledge of parts is nooblike so please bear with me lol.

Out of interest what kind of gate does the mad Catz TE come with? Any diff to the High Grade?


All japanese style sticks come with a Square gate.

To change the gate they just snap on and off. They sell them at Lizard Lick.


Ah and since the Mad Catz stick mirror the Japanese cabinets I assume it also comes with a square gate?


Hmmmm ive checked play asia and the only high quality Hori stick they had listed wasnt available any more. What good sticks are there for the 360? As far as I know it is literally just the Mad Catz TE and the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3. Is that right?


HRAP EX, and the TE, thats it. Or a Custom.


Sounds like you are wanting more of an American based stick. If you don’t like the VSHG, you won’t like the TE or the HRAP EX, as they all use the same joystick (Sanwa JLF with a square gate…and yes, it is what is in the Japanese arcade machines). As stated, you could throw an octagonal gate in to give it a more circular feel to your movements. Buttons will also be the same, since both the TE and the VSHG use the exact same buttons. The HRAP EX comes with Hori buttons, which people usually swap out with…the same buttons that are already in your VSHG. And no, it’s not HRAP 3 you want, unless you have a PS3.

Unfortunately, you will need to either find a custom maker to make you an American based stick, or order from Arcade In A Box. AIAB make an amazing product, but expect a 10 week turn around since they are swamped with orders.


the sf iv arcade uses a square gate, so if you plan to play outsid then get one too for your stick



Just to clear up some parts.

HRAP 3 = PS3.

HRAP EX = Xbox 360.

The HRAP EX is still an amazing stick with stock parts. It featured the exact same joystick used in the TE stick (Sanwa JLF series). But the buttons a Hori instead of Sanwa. Don’t get me wrong, the Hori buttons a good and will satisfy any new stick user for awhile. Once you’re ready to jump the ship, simply order some Sanwa OBSF 30mm and 24mm for your start and back buttons. HRAP EX features quick disconnects (QD’s) so no soldering required. Open the stick and snap out the Hori buttons/snap in the Sanwa OBSF buttons.

Personally I love the HRAP EX because it’s a heavy stick. I haven’t got my TE yet but from what I’ve read the HRAP EX is heavier therefor better IMO. The sucker won’t move on the table at all, it’s great on your lap too.

For custom sticks, check out the trading outlet board at SRK, http://forums.shoryuken.com/forumdisplay.php?f=226

PS: Before ordering from lizard lick, make sure to grab everything you need. Buy a Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate just in case even though you might not think you need one. You will get used to the square gate and come to love it but having that extra Octagonal gate is great just in case. Buy some extra buttons just in case. Buy another JLF stick just in case. Want a bat top instead? buy the add-on too. Place your order this way and you’ll be set.


Again I must appologise for my noobish knowledge of sticks, finding the acronims kinda tough lol. Im gona check out the basic stick thread after im done typing.

Ok just to recap, the stick, gate and buttons on the TE are the same as in my Virtua Stick HG (VSHG) yes? And those parts are considered pretty much as good as you can get for their types?

Hmmm sounds like i need to break out my PC and practice with the VSHG a bit to see if my problem is inexperience or incompatability.

I assume it is possible to get buttons and such with more feedback?

Regarding gates, if my issue was mainly not being able to find diagonals on a square gate, wouldnt an octagonal gate be even tougher due to the corners being less defined?

Finally regarding arcade in a box sticks I must admit they look sweet. I am paying 150 for my TE stick and most of their sticks start at less than $200 so that is already a saving. Of course I have to take into consideration shipping to the UK and the extra cost of any parts, but it might still work out cheaper or not that much more expensive.

Thanks for all the replys guys this is really helping me


if you want an alternative, check out imitrex’s blank boxes. although i havent bought one yet, it looks very good.


You might want to look at a American Style stick from MAS Systems.

They use HAPP stuff and not the japanese stuff.


Do Mas do 360 sticks? I checked out their website and couldnt see anything mentioning the 360, and maybe the PS3 as well for that matter?

Anyway an update on my VSHG. Took it out and blew the dust off and after plugging it into the PC, trying it out on a couple of different SF games.

I found QCF/B easy and charge back/forward moves easy. However I found DP inputs very hard when facing to the right while the left was no problem. A little practice saw this improve though. I also found charge down/up moves very hard at first for some reason. I think my timing was off because once I started inputing the button press a fraction later I started getting results. Jumping forward and back also improved but still needs practice.

I think this proves that the square gate setup and buttons of the VSHG (and therefore the Mad Catz TE?) would be usable but I must admit I am very interested in whether an octagonal gate would suit me better. But if the oct gate has even less definition wouldnt it make sence that it would be even harder for me?

I really wish I had the chance to try an oct gate before buying a stick lol. Maybe the answer is to get a custom stick and make sure the stick can be easily switched if I want.