High quality East Coast SFIV videos

There’s a lot of coverage (or at least there was) of the west coast scene. There are lots of awesome videos of the East coast available at

I’ve been wondering how come there were such a small amount of views for FrameAdvantage’s videos. They are kick ass at what they do.

Also Flash Metroid is a BEAST

FADC is still fresh, they still don’t have a website up, and I think something about there only being 1 or so videos a day isn’t enough to grab attention. Their coverage of Unicon is definitely a step in the right direction for them. It just takes some time to get viewers.

Also yes there was West Coast coverage. I’m pretty curious why Arcade Infinity hasn’t posted anything for a few months (since before Evo).

I noticed a lot in those videos, the Bison player was just mashing knee presses…kind of scrubby but there are some good matches.

I subscribed to FADC for the Unicon vids. I haven’t been disappointed.

Thought it was cool to see someone playing Gen. Nice quality.

some of these (most of them) sagats make me sad. these guys are supposed to be good and they miss every single FADC > Ultra.

Yeah… our website is a tough situation. My guy quit on me early on, and I was concentrating on getting video rather than hacking together some sort of website early on. Trust us though, it’s coming!

And 1 vid a day isn’t enough for you people? I figured when compared to AI or something, it’d be a breath of fresh air :wink: But anyway, after tournaments I’m always uploading like 10 at a time so whatever.

Glad you guys are enjoying my work, and let me know if you have any feedback on ewhat I can do better!

We have a sticky thread for videos.