High quality MK II/UMK3 matches on Youtube?

Hi guys. I was just wondering are there any Youtube channels with some good, high quality matches of either MKII or UMK3? Please list them :slight_smile:


And a couple of ecc matches here



I saw a mugen for Mortal Kombat: Blood something or other … Anybody have any concrete information? Whoever did that put in a lot of work on presentation; it could pass for a real MK game.

As usual you guys are on the ball. Thank you very much I will check these out :slight_smile:


Are one of those yours? Just curious.

hell no lol

i am a total noob at cappin stuff, even tho i plan on capping all the UMK3 festivities at Seasons Beatings IV this October. :wgrin:

The guys I posted along with the guy before me who posted Shock’s youtube page are on a whole other level.


Thanks for the links guys. I like the matches. One of my favorites:

And I loved how this match ended.

thank you for that link c001357. Unfortunately the page is in Spanish. Can you or anyone else elaborate on what exactly this is? I’ve heard of Mugen before, but what exactly is this special MK game what which characters are in it? Can it be played online too?