High quality over-ear headphones

Hey guys, I’m looking for a pair of high quality over-ear headphones to hook-up to my laptop/PC/TV/ipod for listening to music/gaming/watching videos etc. The one’s I’ve picked out include the Creative HQ1600 and the Sennheiser HD203. Any recommendations are welcome although I would prefer cheaper headphones if possible.

Out of the two, I’d buy the HD203 over the creatives. Sennheiser makes quality products with good sound. You won’t find anything better than that for a lower price, most likely. If you’re willing to move up to the $100 bracket, the AD700’s are widely regarded as the best pair of headphones for gaming/movies due to their wide soundstage and detailing. They can also be modded to include a mic.

if you play shooters, i’d go for the sennhieser hd595 with the turtle beach dss amp and a 10 dollar clip on mic.

I’d try to point you to a good pair of headphones, but I’d need to know what sort of music you listen to first to find the pair that best suits your listening style.

this is true as some sets of cans emphasize more bass or more along the mids/treble

I personally use a pair of ATH-M50’s for my music
For my gaming i use a SS Siberia V2 headset

I would gladly recommend the M50’s to anyone but they do come with a “fair” price tag

As you can see in my avatar I’m really into metal music. I am looking for all-purpose headphones so it would have to be good for gaming and watching videos too.

Of the ones you listed, I’d say go with the Sennies.

That said, If you want competent gaming AND music/video headphones, get a pair of Astros (if you can afford them).

ATH-M50’s and Astro’s are too expensive for me. I recently bought a new display so I don’t really want to go all out on headphones. Just good quality and affordable headphones will do.

This is a little late as I was out of town, however, these Sony’s are pretty nice for movies. They certainly are bassy headphones, but not nearly as heavy as beats. They work fair well for any music heavy on drums, although you may want to set a treble boost preset on your device if the bass is overwhelming in comparison to everything else.

For PC use, VLC Media Player’s equalization settings should suffice. If you have an android device you will listen to music with, there is also an equalization app if you want to adjust it. As for the iPhone/iPod touch, you’re stuck with the presets.

If you want good quality yet cheap headphones and don’t care about the brand, do what I did and search audiophile websites for highly rated headphones from some obscure brand :smiley: ( I use Superlux HD668b which I got for 60$ ). Otherwise, I say you should go for the Creative Aurvana Live! (OEM Denon drivers) which is on Amazon for 90$ or the Audio Technica ATH-M50 which is on Amazon on for 128.45$. Both of those headphones ship free with Super Saver Shipping

I have AKG K701 because I like K-On!

Foobar2000 and Creative T20 for normal usage on PC though.

Rotel RA-921 & B&W DM560 in the living room.

While we’re on headphones, does anyone know of any good earphones, like ipod/phone earphone format? I’m not too big on headphones since they generally hurt my ears after 1-2 hours and I can’t sleep with them on. Price range doesn’t really matter as long as the sound quality is bangin’

They don’t really exist, and those that do sound good are generally very expensive and break in 1-2 months.

You mentioned they hurt your ears? If you do own a pair, I have a suggestion. Take the headphones and put them over the box they were packaged in to stretch them out. After a night or two they are much more comfortable.

That’s not the wisest method of choosing a pair of headphones, but to each his own.

If you read the OP’s price range, those are all out of his range, if they weren’t, I would have linked to some nicer pairs like those as well.

Also, to the OP, there is another change at nice headphones at a good price, I’d go and look around for used higher-end headphones locally and online, they are generally a lot cheaper. It isn’t something I would do, but it is an option.

Right now, I have some 60$ sony ones that are as good as my cheap 30$ headset(so not too great). I don’t really mind them being really expensive, I just want something convenient like that that I can also comfortably fall asleep with.

I say if you don’t need the headphones right away and can wait, save up for the nicer pairs. Cheap headphones don’t usually sound that great and aren’t nearly as durable. (I give exception to Koss since they sound pretty good and have lifetime warranty)

I’ve found Sennheiser CX-300 series to be pretty good.
Mind you, I’m on my 3rd pair because the damn connector wiggles loose after a few months, leaving me with mono sound.

Hmm they’re cheap too, good. Gonna order some and see how this shit is.

Brainwavz earphones from MP4nation are pretty good. I got Brainwavz M1s and they sound better than the Sennheiser CX-300 imo (Haven’t tried the CX-300 ii though).

did you ever try using brice’s sennheisers?
those should be good
as long as they’re not on ear headphones but around ear you should be fine

or get those AKG’s you K-ON lover you

I find the cx300’s too bass heavy, mids are really scooped out. Great for music but would not want to listen to movies or games with them. Its hard to get good quality in ear monitors for the cheap.