High Quality Source Art?

'ello everyone.

I’m looking for ultra-high quality files for fighting game characters to use as a base for an upcoming arcade control box/panel. Google image search is only taking me so far and most of what I’m finding is .jpg so I would have to manually cut out the images (even on white backgrounds).

Is there any good repository for either .png or even .psd art for characters? Official/non-official, whatever; the point is it has to be ultra-high resolution as this is going on a rather large control surface (34.5"x12.5").

Also, I really like some of the stick art I see in this community so if anyone has pointers, tips, or would want to assist with this, I would welcome any advice/assistance and can send the template over via e-mail on request. Thanks!


EDIT (here’s a small version of the template):