High Res Move List


My google skills have failed me. Can anyone direct me to a high resolution image of the move list, similar to what is on the arcade cabinet. Something of a good enough quality to print out fairly large. Thanks in advance to whoever can help me out.





Thanks but thats not really what I’m looking for and it’s in japenese.


I don’t know if you saw but changing the url to different numbers gives you the move lists, but yes they are in japanese.

You could probably edit the move names to english fairly easily.

Finding something higher resolution will more than likely be a pain.


I’m not all that computer savvy I didn’t change the numbers to see the different pages. That would work great if it was in English. What I’m looking for might not be out there. Thanks for the help.


Yeah. I don’t think what you want exists seeing as IV didn’t receive a western arcade release. There is the chance, however, that someone took it upon themselves to do it. Moving over to the art related boards. Maybe someone there knows of something that exists (or is in the works?)?