High Res NG,2i & 3rd Strike Art

[LEFT]Courtesy of monkeypunch who found these on his works HD _[

NG & 2i: http://www.mediafire.com/?ylakjsubi5pqk](‘http://www.mediafire.com/?ylakjsubi5pqk’)

3s: http://www.mediafire.com/?ixsbih0q5tk7j

wicked !

I started downloading and to the sceptic ones, it’s Ikeno’s art, really high def, not the low res we’ve seen for years, and that’s not the stupid monkey that did the "new superior art my ass"

NG & 2i background concept art scans found once on the Internet. Some were too small to be appreciated for all the details in them though.

Will need to look those up again to share.

very nice thread . thanks for those links .

no,it’s not ikeno’s art
the vast majority of NG / GA artwork was made by nishimura kinu (an incredibly talented female artist)
they switched to ikeno for third strike :slight_smile:

this thread is also a great excuse for me to post these babies
capcom could never compete with snk but these backgrounds in NG are amazing

Ikeno’s art is in there too :slight_smile: didn’t know someone else did the NG and 2i art

those backgrounds are sick as well, KOF backgrounds are pretty lame compared to SF3 i think, Garou had some really nice ones tho

Holy fuck. Thanks so much.

as i said,pretty much all the artwork for NG / SA is by nishimura kinu
while ikeno did most of the third strike stuff

kof backgrounds…lame ? no
unless you are talking about the immediately post-bankruptcy years :\

kof 94-99,ryuuko no ken series,gekka no kenshi series and many others…are the reason why god sees in 2D
artistically speaking,snk was / is untouchable

Anybody got Hugos stage from 2nd Impact?

Yeah in my mind i was thinking about 2002 but really like 98 backgrounds, still think 3s backgrounds are better tho!

98-99 are ok but kinda generic . 94-95 and 96 is where it’s at
and,yes,2001-2002 had shitty backgrounds but i guess it’s a miracle those games saw the light of the day after all
considering what was going on with snk / playmore / snk-playmore back then (well,even now…)

capcom peaked with vampire / vampire hunter,zero 2 and,of course,new gen / giant attack
third strike backgrounds aren’t really nice : they are often not very colorful and empty
the mad thing is…you combine those backdrops with that soundtrack and the best fighting game ever produced and…
i don’t know,it all falls into place - it’s some sort of dark witchcraft

people asking for NG / GA music and backgrounds in third strike clearly have no taste

hugo 2nd

hugo 3rd

Hypothesis here, conjecture

NG & GA had very nice HUD and visuals all around. No denying that there.
Do you think those were all scaled back, in order to have more memory for frames, no problems with loading movesets, etc.

& concentrate solely on the fighting, making that the forefront as most important?

Gameplay over looks. After all the hard work was done with animations, of course.
New Capcom will probably never make that change in priority ever again in the future.

and it seems I have no need to look up those backgrounds again!
I will still try later when I am less busy with other things.
Too bad OE kinda took the worse 3s HUD and made it super worse. Taking design cues from previous SF3 games could’ve been cool, if again, we had confidence in them to do it well.

I prefer the 3s stages.
the NG and 2I stages always seemed really hokey and too expressive.

They’re awesome just looking at them on their own. but in the game with the added characters and stuff, i think they’re a bit too detailed and crazy.

3s stages and hud look way better than those clown ass looking stages and hud from the other sf3 games.

Wow, hating on NG and 2i stages… I bet you are all little white boys

I’m feeling terrible today.

Better do something to make me slightly feel better. Don’t even have to ask why you taking it to looking at any clown ass to make such a comparison, 1st go to description for you there

& just make everybody look at a clown ass stager!


are you guys selling weed in here?

2I Hugo stage: loool hello i am a jolly german who likes fuuuuuun!!! dont you like fuuuuuuuun??? looool XD XD XD XD XD XD

3S Hugo stage: I AM GOING TO END YOU

Ah I love Kinu Nishimura’s works in CvS2 (Capcom side art) but actually don’t like his/her works in NG or 2I.

Talk about artworks, here’re my favorites:

  • Nona’s SvC: Chaos (this game sucks but its artworks are top tier)
  • Hiroaki’s KoF XI: to me Hiroaki is the best artist SNK ever has, even better than overrated Shinkiro (I’m not a fan of 3D so I might be biased about him).
  • Obvious Kinu’s CvS2.

For the stages, I think Zero 2 and KoF 98 are the best.

Maybe even a Crib…

Stuff all over the place, more for JRod Taunt to stampy parade with and launch in the air.

Alternately, “This is my house!!”

they’re awesome. they look amazing as they are presented in this thread.
but when you’re playing? nah i prefer the simpler look and simpler color use in 3s. easier on the eyes.

remember those stages have a lot of shit going on that isn’t the background. compared to 3S the stages are like 4x as active. i like how 3S has little things. like the train on alex/ken’s stage. ryu’s crow buddy. akuma’s owl.