High-Res .pdf of the reviewers guide

Not the actual Bradygames Guide, but the one they send to media that review games.

Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks but just a heads up for people Nina’s Chain grab is wrong on this it’s kicks when it really punches.

hell yah good llookin

What saddens me about this is this is what game manuals that came with games used to look like. Now you get a game, the fucken manual is just a licensing agreement and tells you what each button is for your console…

Bumping this up for folks who haven’t seen. Excellent resource. I was gonna say, that this should have been the manual. I’m even contemplating printing it out in booklet form to replace the travesty that is the current game manual.

Amen, this guide was much better than the actual game manual.

so how much to pay someone to print these on glossy ass paper with a staple in the middle? :] (i’m serious)