High res versions of old games like ST and Alpha?

Are these types of screens coming from GGPO or something? Like for instance, http://fightingstreet.com/folders/variousinfofolder/buddhastatue/buddhastatue.html look at the 2nd picture of widescreen ST. I’ve seen widescreen alpha also…

How are people doing that?

They’re rips from the original sprites, I would think.

They’re rips from the original sprites, I would think.

It’s not really widescreen, it’s just stretched out to look like widescreen.

You can do this in GGPO if you want by changing the aspect ratio in your settings.

What do you mean rips of the original sprits? They look like high res in addition to the widescreen.

I play ggpo at 1920x1080 but it just fits the image to view and shit, it doesn’t look all clean like that image i linked.

The stuff on that page is at native resolution, so you don’t get the pixelation as when the sub-SD resolutions are expanded up to full TV or monitor sizes.

Yeah, I don’t know if you noticed, but those pictures are pretty small. They’re technically low resolution images. They look crisp because it’s their native resolution, but they are no bigger than a PSP screen. I believe most arcade machines ran at a native resolution of 320x240, which is pretty damn small. TV monitors didn’t need particularly high resolutions to look crisp. LCD’s and other flat screens tended to look worse for awhile to be honest, when they first came out until the native resolution of media actually got higher. They still aren’t high enough for the kind of gigantic monitors we see today actually, but good enough for now.

The stage backgrounds scroll as the players traverse back and forth along the screen. If you rip the sprite and look at it, it’s at a higher resolution than the actual screen to make up for this.