High res wallpapers

Is udon going to release some more art? Their website is cool, but has very small images of their covers and what not. The wallpapers on there are awesome (ryu and akuma), but I was hoping these guys would put up some 1600X1200 wallpapers. Wouldn’t it just take 5 minutes for them to do so?

Where did you get hte ones you have at?


i dont’ know why they called that section interactive instead of wallpapers

Me either, thanks for the link. These are some really tight walls. It would be nice if they made some more for the other series too. Also are there more different walls when you click “Episode 2”? I can’t go down and see the rest because it opens it in a stupid little window that I can spread.

It’s called Interactive because a bunch of stuff is grouped together there, not just wallpapers. Media might have been a better label. There’s nothing at the bottom of the Episode 2 link. It’s just a flash file. As for larger wallpapers, couldn’t you just resize them yourself? Yes, you’ll lose some resolution, but I think it’ll be your only solution. Not many people have their screen set to that high of a resolution, so it wouldn’t be likely that they’ll put some out.

I have the Ken wallpaper on my desktop right now. It’s lookin’ mighty fine.

A lot of sites have been dishing out 1600x1200 res walls now, but not Capcom (or Udon I guess). Either way I am happy because they are still a decent res, I jsut wish there were more…