High Res Youtube?


Switch to fullscreen. May take a while to load… still waiting myself.

Anyone know how this is done? This is pretty cool.

my guess is that the flash they uploaded to youtube was at that resolution. IIRC youtube doesn’t compress flash video. ive never tried it so i could be wrong though

I’ve tried installing the new flash player a number of times and it never works…

Edit: Oh, this is something different? Oh well, cool all the same…

Ahaha, my PC can’t handle it… :lol:

That’s pretty cool.

that video was choppy as hell for me, still cool though

Has anyone figured this out yet?

Seems the perfect thing for combo videos and whatnot.

The only reason I only watch combo videos on Youtube is because this computer sucks so much that high quality combo videos are choppy as hell, where I see one frame every 10 seconds.

I’d recommend http://stage6.divx.com/ Fast loading + AWESOME quality.

Here’s an example video. (Try double clicking it if you want to see how the full-screen quality looks).

Would be sweet if people started uploading combo videos there… there’s already a lot of WoW & CS videos + a lot of fansubbed anime.

It’s not 720p, but it beats youTube. FLV is not so great for watching HD clips.

If you noticed the vid shows a 10 minute runtime, but it is actually 30 seconds or something. My guess is the hack involves spoofing the runtime in order to up the resolution.

Veoh is also very good for keeping up the quality of the videos.


That encoding process is so retardedly good that I might begin to like youtube.

I have a Core 2 Duo running @ 3.6ghz and 8800GTS 640MB @ 650mhz/1800mhz and it was very choppy (I paused the thing and waited till it was fully downloaded…)