High resolution OST cover art

I’m sure this has probably come up before but try for the life of me I’ve searched all over for this with little luck. Also double apologies if this is an inappropriate place to ask this.

Anyway I’m looking for a high resolution version of the OST cover for Calamity trigger. I want it over the artbook image because the barrel of her gun (and also her right leg) isn’t cut off.

The best I’ve found so far is

Which isn’t a bad size but has an odd dot pattern.
Whereas I’ve found a super high resolution version of the artbook cover but as I said it’s missing important parts of the image:


So can anyone help in finding a better version of the OST pic? If I can’t get my hands on one then my only options are to try and clean it up or to splice the missing parts of the image on to the high resolution image and use it as a basis to rebuild the complete image. But unfortunately both of those options are difficult, time consuming and still may not produce something usable.

Thats not any of the ost pics.

Absolutely none of them. There were 3 BlazBlue music albums

BlazBlue Original Soundtrack
KDSD-00253~4 | BlazBlue -Calamity Trigger- Original Soundtrack - VGMdb
BlazBlue Consumer Edition
KDSD-00285 | BlazBlue -Calamity Trigger- Original Soundtrack ~Consumer… - VGMdb
BlazBlue Song Accord #1 with Continuum Shift

Here are two great places for scans.

Be Your True Mind

Anime Paper - Anime and Manga wallpapers and scans! (???)
This place is one of the mother-loads. The only issue is that in order to get scans your need to use currency called paper. You can earn paper by contributing Wallpapers, Scans. or donating. Just donate like 10 bucks and call it good. You can download pretty much anything you want for that much.