High School after party results in over $100K damage to hotel


Best yet, parents of the scums kids that rented the place are furious as to why they havent gotten their $25 deposit back yet.
One kid from the school quote, “Dame trash hotel, media making it bigger than 911” on facebook. face palm

I couldnt imagine anything like this when i was growing up. WTF are wrong with these ppl?

Kids are fuckin dumb.

Fucking Canadians…

Oh wait this happened 20 minutes from my house.

The article didn’t really mention it but isn’t it a given that a lot of kids will be doing time and/or paying for the cleanup and repair?

Hand em a bucket and a mop and put em to work.

100k damage? Not bad but with the right assist they could be doing more damage.

fucking kids getting drunk off a sip of beer

Will someone please explain to me how this low tier hotel can claim that one room will take $50,000 to repair?

Sad day when a hotel in Canada actually receives a negative review in French.

I can elaborate on that. Apparently the cops were called (twice) and all they did was circle around the property while the chaos was happening. The police claim that this was a civil matter as renting the room was a contract between the kidz and the owner. I dont know much about law but the cops seem to have dropped the ball for not laying charges based on mischief on private property.

No one has taken responsibility for the damages, not the kids plus the parents names listed on the registry, and the school and board of the area are deflecting the issue. Catholic system is all about money so they dont want to escalate this event anymore.

If i was the owner, id take the guess registry list, lawyer up and take those douchebag kids and their equally useless parents for everything their worth. Smack a few criminal charges to straighten them up. Thankfully, lawyers have come forward to assist the owner.

Lol, a civil matter. I’m going to take a baseball bat to my neighbor’s car, and when the cops show up, I’ll just tell them “gtfo, it’s a civil matter between my neighbor and me”. Classic police work for sure.

Ppl itt know nothing about the laws. yes this is a civil matter, in cases like those cops really have no involvement, if they did one of the kids could easily pull out the infringing on civil rights card. Its the hotel’s responsiblity to sue the kids as theu have all the legal power to do so.

I’m with SF2GuileX on this one. That whole building looks like it’ll cost about 30,000…MAYBE.


Kids are spoiled.

what’s this, a plot to a Brat Pack drama?!

No explanation needed.

umm…don’t you have to put down your credit card to get a room for this exact reason? run those little brats’ cards and keep it moving.

Besides the royal mistaking of renting your motel to a bunch of high schoolers, the owner was too lenient with $25 deposit. Should have like $2000 per room.

Police in damage control mode. Looks like kidz activated X-factor right after police left.

Damn kids turned my hotel into a Modern Warfare map.

Pissing on the fucking bed? Those kids not only need to be sued, but thrown into fucking prison for 50 years. Then they’ll see what pissing on the bed is like when big black man Leroy comes and wants to piss in their mouths.

fucking with a chinese owner by trashing his hotel?

they need to sue the kids and their parents until all the familes are bankrupt and their homes are foreclosed on and they are thrown out into the gutter. i’ll even donate to the fund.