High School Girls Basketball Team Suspended for "N-word"


I saw a bunch of white girls on my facebook discussing and being disgusted by this.

Lol, what kind of redneck place is this? Who in their right mind would thing chanting the N word is a good idea?

Ignorant white girls saying stupid shit? This is not news.

Like omg, those girls are so gonna lose their scholarships and like a chance to be a part of the WNBA.

White people aren’t allowed to say that. Stupid ass bitches.

I know this is going to be unpopular, but at this point I don’t even give a damn, I guess hearing it in rap/hip hop songs ad nauseam has desensitized me to it, and I don’t care what screed someone may have about how you “end” the word.

It’s always the white girls. :coffee:

It’s been talked about over



and over



again. It’s a black-exclusive word, sorry.

The news article comments are worth a read too.

Love it when people tell me things like that (Including “Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain”)

If I tell you to stop using contractions because I don’t like them, are you going to stop?

No, there are words I say (Fgot/N/Jesus/etc) on a daily basis, not out in the open where I think I’ll get stabbed, but if I’m putting and I miss the hole I reserve the right to say what ever dumb thing I want. Words aren’t hurting you if they’re not directed at you or in a hateful way. Also POS religious neighbors told me “If you cuss it limits your vocabulary, so you should stop cursing”

Yeah, like eliminating words from your vocabulary is the best way to increase it.

/HardtosupportRANT (please don’t stab me irl)

Im PR/DR and i been sayin nigga forevs. but then again i fuck black chicks

except for that one time i fucked a white chick and now i got a babys mom FROM HELL

White girls may be some of the dumbest if not the dumbest thing on this planet.

And why is this a pregame chant? Like what does that even suppose to mean?

Only black people and, surprisingly, asians can say nigga. Because asians are our niggas.

I can take it from my friends, it’s coo, but random white bitches can’t be Nigga-ing for no reason.

And we live in a society that caters almost exclusively to them.

Imagine if these hoes was the cheerleaders. Give me an N!!!

Unless she’s saying “Fuck me harder, nigga” - Chris Rock

Did they say nigga or n****r? Either way in that context it’s ignorant but I’d like to take the opportunity to state the obvious that there’s a huge difference, fuck the hypocritical idiots who think non black people (especially whites) aren’t allowed to call their friends niggas without catching a beating.

1 Game suspension and 2 days out of school suspension is getting off easy especially when Tyra brought up a lot of good reasons why the principal’s logic of “suspending the entire season would hurt Tyra too” doesn’t hold water. And a big WTF she gets suspended for 5 days for getting in a fight after being called another racial slur but the offending girls get 2 days?

White women>>>>>>>>>>>>>>wesker.

Reminds me of when the white Mormon kid at my school got kicked off the basketball team for calling a member of the other, all-black team n****r.

While I agree it was wrong for them to say, I feel as if everybody should be allowed to say it or nobody. I want equality dammit and what we have now is not equality.

I grew up near this area. 10 years ago, 3 of my cousins (whom are black) who attended that school got jumped by 15 white guys (some or all from that school) in a hate crime walking from a park after playing basketball one night. They fought them off but my one cousin ended up getting stabbed with a tire iron and almost had his lung punctured. The part of town is not exactly with the times.

I’m not a “white people can’t say nigga” guy, I think it’s a dumb word in all forms and contexts, it’s whatever to me and has always been. I’m ethnically ambiguous (pale half white half black guy who people think look italian, half black, spanish or middle eastern depending on the haircut) for the most part and have been called nigga, wigger, and spic many times, the word has no power over me.

mic and wop are good white racial slurs, although no one really gets mad at mick anymore