High School student tells teacher how to do their job

I like how this kid stepped up and told the teacher what was really good. He will go places if he keeps that mindset. I know we hear about bad ass kids all the time, but what about bad teachers, parents and administration? Either way I would like your thoughts on this, I really applaud his actions.

That kid deserves an award.

He’ll probably just end up getting expelled though, sadly.

Random vid can go in the random vid section bro. Doesn’t even remotely warrant an actual thread.

At first I was expecting some upitty little shit ranting on about shit he didn’t get, but the guy has a point, remember coming up to the end of my last school year changing from a teacher in my maths lessons who just handed out bloody textbook excersizes to one who actually taught shit and I learnt more in those last few months than in the whole year before then.

Posting in legendary thread.

The teacher wasn’t even listening to him, she just gave them a book and was watching a movie on the computer.

So what’s the aftermath? I was more impress at the fact the guy didn’t cuss up a storm.

why would you take a class where the is a Last Samurai posted on the wall?

my man staying calm while getting his message across, awesome!

Honestly I saw a long-haired kid in a dickie suit and was a tad concerned. I can’t listen to the vid right now but I’m guessing he dropped some real shit. What I’m trying to say is I’m real happy to be wrong about this.

EDIT: Just read the transcript. Yea that teacher’s ass.

Its easy to stay calm when your a high ass hippie kid.

Kid has a point this outcome based education system is bullshit

Wut, what’s the purpose of saying this?

Maryjane is a great mood adjustor. More ppl should smoke it so their crazy asses can stop shooting ppl.

man remember when you could cuss the teacher out and not have to worry about going viral? hell not anymore. my mother would tombstone my ass if she knew some of the shit I said to my teachers.

Wow I cant believe that teacher let that kid talk to her like that.

She needs to be fired, she has lost control.

Probably just a sub

yeah you can tell by how he looks hes really into smoking weed and lord of the rings

That was epic

The sad thing about it was the school came out and said the kid could have handled the situation better. Nope, no one is above getting their shit pushed in and if they are part of the problem they deserve to be called on that shit.

Yeah, also you just know “handling the situation better” is basically making a formal complaint that not a single member of staff will read or pay attention to, at least he gets some satisfaction from handling it the way he did.