High-Score Online: HORI REAL ARCADE PRO 3 - $107 SHIPPED IN US

Looking for a PS3 arcade stick? Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 for the CHEAPEST price ANYWHERE!

High-Score Online! is selling the HRAP3 for $107 shipped to anywhere in the continental United States. Compare that to $130-140 everywhere else!

Here’s a link to purchase:

Check out MY review here:

NOTE: I’m not selling these… if you have questions PM cuellarEX !

Yeah help them out so Hori can bring more imports to us American players at a cheaper price.

Wonder how much would it cost for them to ship to Canada…


depends where in Canada

Thought I’d give a bump for this great price…seriously this is FAR below I’ve seen anywhere.


wassup Paik

Would this be decent for playing mvc2?

um…no just look at the stick bro.

Thats not true. Although I prefer MvC2 with american sticks, I know a lot of people who can play with Japanese style controllers. The most obvious example is the agetec stick for the dc. Japanese balltop joystick with Japanese buttons/layout. All about preference and feeling comfortable.

HRAP3 Memorial Day Sale at High Score Online, $92 shipped to anywhere in the states. Holla back!

Does that mean mine is shipping at that price?

code, check your PM

The HRAP3 sale has been extended until the end of the week! Cheapest ever!

$92 shipped within the US…

Got mine yesterday and I modded it into this stealthy, sexy, beast…

NOTE: I’m not selling these… if you have questions PM cuellarEX !