High Time Help

Can High Time be canceled into a super like dimension slash move ive seen in done in videos what sort of timing is it

: / been answered 100x in combo section

After you do the OTG Hightime - wait till around the zenith/peak of the height and press H to teleport cancel - and then immediately go into the input for the hyper (QCF + Two attack buttons)

It takes some practice, but it’s not that hard.

You don’t have to cancel Hightime into Teleport to do Dimension Slash. The timing really isn’t difficult at all once you do it a few times. Just wait until Vergil reaches the peak of his jump and begins to fall back down to input the hyper. The timing is pretty lenient so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Edit: Actually to cancel Hightime into Dimension Slash you have to use :h: as one of the attack buttons to activate DS.

Use M+H or L+H when inputting the hyper OR
press H again during High Time to teleport cancel and then you can use L+M or any other combination. Now, to get that Hightime -> Dimension Slash loop, someone please fucking tell me. I can do it 70% of the time midscreen but only 30% near corners. I really have no idea how to do it consistently.

As far as i know, It’s always a gamble because you can’t really control where it will hit so you can’t get that one hit at the end you need to continue it.

Yeah, make it around 50% midscreen. Could barely get it today. Way too random. Just gonna learn those isadelica combos.

Just pres ABC together, makes it so much easier.

i just mash the motion until i get it >_> worked for me since day 1

instead of pressing LM for super. Try pressing MH :slight_smile: