Higher Entry Fee Tourney?


Hey guys, I may be looking to throw some tournaments for everyone. One thing that I really want to promote that I think would raise the competition and hype is to up entry fees.

Poker, for example, wouldn’t be such a spectator sport if there wasn’t a lot of money involved. Golf has a really high entry few as well. Bass fishing, for those who are familiar, also have somewhat expensive entry fees.

Along with higher fees, payout is stretched out more places.

I don’t see why we can’t move towards that direction.

If people are driving up to 50-100 miles to compete, it just doesn’t make sense to me to play for $5-$10.

What I am proposing:

$25-$50 entry fees (or higher)
Single elim (i’ll explain why)
Best of 3
Top 30% on entrants will be “in the money”

Let’s take a small 16 person tourney to use as an example.

The pot with a $25 entry is $512.

Payouts can be:
1st $255
2nd $130
3rd $65
4th $35
5th $25

This way, guys who always finishing in the top 30% will at the very least get their money back. If only the top 3 finishers in poker tournaments got paid. I’m sure less people would play since it would be harder to get a return on their investment. This style rewards consistent players as well as the “lucky” player.

Now, the next point. Why single elimination? You say luck can be a factor, and I say great. Why not? We don’t complain that the Super Bowl is just one game. In fact, this makes it more interesting as it gives more people a chance to get in the money for each tournament. Those who play multiple tournaments that are good should be winning overall. They might lose one here or there, but over time, the best players can still be best. (Just like poker, golf, or fishing).

To be honest, I think EVO could have had a little more hype if the buy in was just a little higher. Imagine at $25. First place would have been almost $18,000 with the top 3 method. Would there have been less entries? Probably not IMO. I think if you can afford to go to Vegas, one of the most expensive cities in the country, you can afford $25 over $10. Hell, if they went out and bought 2 drinks they would already spend $25 in Vegas.

I know a lot of people simply play for bragging rights or what not, but you can get paid in all other major tournaments for being pretty good. SF tournaments, you gotta be the best one basically. I don’t see why this can’t be the same.

Let me know if anyone has any interest or feedback or whatever. With some interest, I can start planning one out.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that since most of the top players are almost guaranteed to win, the single elim factor can give a sense of hope to weaker players. Maybe they might win, maybe the other gets knocked out, etc. If you are the top player, you should be happy that people are willing to put up their money since you have the highest chance of always getting paid.


dats alot of fight money. i think this is a pretty hyped idea on the fact that theres alot at steak. Only problem is that it isn’t too reasonable($25-50 entry) to throw one out of nowhere without having some credibility… but. i say go for it.


Well, let me briefly explain my experience with tournament bass fishing and what seems to work for them.

Tournaments range for $100-a few grand. The higher end for pro’s obviously. But if you have local tournament, you can expect $100-$200 buy ins. Most of the competitors, not pro’s. Granted, all these guys have enough money to buy a bass boat which can range from $10k-$80K for a competitive boat, they probably have $100 to spend on shits and giggles.

The better guys consistently get in the money and/or win tourney’s. Once in a while, you get a random guy who wins cause he got lucky to some extent. This possible luck factor is what can draw out the rest of the crowd to come and “give it a shot”.

Another possibly, but would take a LOT longer to establish are leagues. This can separate the better players from the weaker ones so they can compete in a more fair environment. Pro’s can be banned from beginner tournaments. We would just need to establish what is a pro and how to get to that status.

I think we can instill that luck factor by moving to single elim, or maybe even single match, but double elim. More of a luck factor. Maybe the better player whiffs a combo finisher and you come back for a win.

I’m obviously new to the scene, but I would like it to grow and would like to be a part of that. I’m not great at the game itself, but I think I’d be pretty good at running something like this.


Street Fighter is not like poker. There’s essentially no luck involved so most people aren’t going to shell out that much money on top of traveling expenses. Maybe for a really high profile tourney to attract only pro that’s a good idea but for locals and regionals it will probably deter more people than it brings in. There’s probably some economics involved in terms of maximizing payouts but as for me, I’m mostly in it for fun.


I’ve always pushed for higher entry fees, especially for monthly tournaments. But I don’t think single elimination is a right move, it is essentially asking players to pay more for less.


start small… if u get a good turnout, push for bigger. its all dependent on the community on how well u sell urself.


i say just do it!!!
me and lpn would atleast finish 2nd or 3rd lollllllll


lol ^


people who play street fighter are poor


Paying $25 for John Choi to come spank us all would be a bit painful. Has he even lost a match before in NorCal? Don’t think he has…


how about people who play tekken???