Higher Jin's Match vid(s)

Hey you guys, Me and my friend Mvc2 (Guy/Demon) played a few matches the other day and some of them were rather interesting.

One in particular is the one up in my site right now, it’s him as 1p and me 2p.

It’s Cammy/Tronne/Storm vs. Jin/Magneto/Cyclops

don’t expect that much stone cold jin action but there are some sweet moments that had me laughing my ass off.

O and cyke doesn’t even get used as a assist, it’s only mag/ Jin action.

the link is


click on the match video link to get it.

It’s in real player 6 mb, if you don’t got real playe ryou can’t see it.

Great quality for 6 megs if you ask me.

I may put up more later but lol they are mainly funny don’t expect anything that competitive.

(don’t say anything about the mag rom, i hadn’t played ina while so i kept doing something else …)

coo vids


:karate: who knows jin inf.?? i really need it! thanks in adv. :karate:

the jin in the vid was so and so…

If you ask me not that impressive…but i wanted to see Jin more in action. I use jin with storm and sentinel, but i use his tornado assist…i think it rips strait through your opponent, especially if you time it right. overall, its aiight.

I like the Vulcan counter against Storm!:tup:

That Vulcan Counter was the shit, and the Juggernaut tech hitting thing was so funny