Higher kicking Mags ass w/Sent thread



Sentinel vs. Magneto

Ok, this is a matchup I have a LOT of problems with, could someone post up some info. Thanks


Hella basic stuff but i suck with sent so…

Always try to stay on the same plane as magneto whether it’s ground or air, just fly horizontal or vertical if that help’s your retreat.

Your C.fp is your best friend RIGHT along with sj lk, into fast fly combo if he gets sick of your zoning and tries for sj airdash.
Tappin out the fk drones can be a good obstacle that’s safe in certain situations…i’ll have to get ozzie in here…

Each of magneto’s assists plays a HUGE difference with how your sent has to zone him, esp when you’re comparing mag/psy to mag/sent or mag/doom so get to know the new options magneto has and ways for you to limit them. The best ways to punish assists always changes with your sent team Example: Sent/cable/capcom helps sent vs tron assist just because cable’s aaa wipes that AND other troublesome assists out{doom anyone?}.

I might be able to help a little if you can say which assist for each character…i’m lifted as fuck and i don’t feel like typing shit you might already know…



Just a little side note:

You never want to fly close to the ground agains magneto. Same goes for flying mid way up the screen. A really good mag player will catch a free inf. on you if you are not carefull. I will post some strats later. I play one of the best mags around, and he owns sentinels that are not careful for free.:smiley:



If you manage to get them with a c.FP, fly cancel it and do another and another, use it as an atttack to keep him pinned. Keep him pinned and throw in any assists if you have them (I don’t know if your thread was meant to be Mag vs. Sent with or without assists) and just keep him pinned. If it’s one on one, be careful about flying. If you do fly, stay back because otherwise you’re prone to Hyper Grav xx Tempest and infintes. If he manages to get close, try to get a c. lk, s.lk, Rocket Punch xx HSF. (Easier said than done, I know).

That’s my little bit of insight, I have troube with this match as well.


Im mostly using Sent/BH/Tron, Sent/Cable/BH, or Team Scrub right now. Thats some good stuff though everyone, thanks.

Oh yeah mixup Ive heard hella things about your Mags, and I live in WA, so you must be more than a local legend:lol:. And I heard you do shit like starting Cyc,:eek: that takes balls.

Im out like Felix Fermin.


Cyc is bombo…

Uh…i’ll post more later!


Sent should rape magnus. Sent with a good AAA like cap is even better. This is by far the best 2-man combo in the game. The only mag team that can beat Sent/Capcom is Mag/Doom and sometimes Mag/Tbonne.

When starting against mag, mag has like 9 different ways to break your armor and start the infinite and kill ur whole team. Normal jump back and immediately hold back down, so he can’t low hk you and otg ur ass, or reset you. If you normal jump he can gb u, so be careful. Or u can just block high, or just drop your assist and sj up. Or just normal just up and hit jab jab + cap. It’s all a guessing game, since mag is so fucking random. Also look out for his airdash.

Sent should always stay horizontal to mag. Don’t SJ until mag does, because then he can dash under u and cross you up. Just c.fk flight cancel, fly forward or backward, pan, short, assit, repeat and mixup it up. Don’t even think about rushing mag down close if you don’t have unfly, unless u have him pinned in the corner. If you fly horizontal don’t even be exactly across from him cause he can beam you (with mag/sent drones more important). Just fly around and jiggle a lot to pyshc him out. If he does a projectile close to u, u can flight around it. If u fly above, lk capcom fp rp.

If Mag sj to come over top, drop capcom and dash back, wait til he lands, repeat zoning. If you already dropped cap and can’t call him in time, call out fk bombs and let go immediately and dash back, and then continue to zone.

Learn unblockable, cause everytime cap hits mag that should be one free unblockable xx rp xx hsf -->> dead magnus.

Just be very careful and try ur opponent out. If he starts running to change up his gameplan, don’t change yours. Stay calm, and continue to zone him.

And when he tries to jump in, jump towards him with a lk xx fastfly.


There’s prolly lots of shit I left out since sent vs mag is an endless fight. Too many possiblities. I’ll add more later.


Trap Magneto. Sentinel CANNOT match Magneto priority-wise. The only move that comes close to being able to beat Mags head on is frying pan, which is slow and can be baited out. So focus on cutting out Mags’ options to get in. Make him do dumb things to attempt to hit Sentinel and kill him off of his mistakes.

Get your distance and low fierce xx fly. Magneto players often jump after this and try to get on you, so this is a good time to hit the fierce button. Most savvy Mags will stay on the ground at first, so abuse this by repeating. Eventually, they superjump. DO NOT TRY TO BEAT OUT MAGNETO. Calling your anti-air to get him out of the sky isn’t worth it, because now your anti-air assist option is gone and Mags is in on you. Instead, wavedash to the other side and wait for him to land. Magneto can counter this by airdashing DF instead of forward. Thing is, this is too obviously counterable with the AAA so they probably won’t.

Anyway, this actually sets up a good situation to try to use the unblockable low fierce, so that’s worth thinking about.

If Mags is in your face repeatedly tri-jumping, it’s actually a good idea to DUCK between rushes, as this makes Sentinel smaller and it makes Mags get off you faster. Stand up when he’s going to hit you, of course.

Learning how to fastfly is fairly important to win this match. So is mashing out of tempest (if you can do this at a good clip then Mags can’t comeback from random air short).


can you please explain the sent unblockable low fierce, i talked to mixup about it at nec3, but nobody can really explain how and where it’s done.


this is mix

Just hit them with the last part of the beam and they can’t block it.

seriously, keep trying to do the beam hella late and have them land on it while it’s just disapearing.

It’s really simple, and it has ALOT of practical uses so keep workin.


sent does NOT rape magnus. Its a good match. One of the more interesting matches in mvc2 imo.

6-4 sent maybe.

word to what mixup said about fast fly. getting the early sj. short into fast fly can be key.

low fierce, fly straight back, fierce is pretty buff too when mags starts rushin.


haha thats all you have to do

drones, low fierce, fly back, fierce, unfly, low fierce repeat and add assist when you want, but that might get boring, like runaway storm.


Play keep away…and like Dasrik said, make a TRAP…
if he’s on ground -> c. hp
if he SJ dash forward -> fry pan
if he gets ANYWHERE NEAR YOU -> punish him with an assist (preferably Capcom)
with this u should do fine.


*Originally posted by BmoreSentinel *

can you please explain the sent unblockable low fierce, i talked to mixup about it at nec3, but nobody can really explain how and where it’s done. **[/QUO

Here is a link for some information on Sent Low Fierce unblockable. http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=22866