Higher Magneto Crew: Volume 1

This is the new thread for HMC and HMC friendlies to post whatever. It’s about time we had our own thread.Post up you ghost busters! We are now looking for new recruits…


its recruiting time. Im scouting.

Squash the hate, spread the love.

Sup HMC.

sup hmc

taiji: sup beast

jay: sup beast, i hear you party with the finest of people :wink: hit me up one time id like to visit one of those events =P

nick: u should rematch,i know that ish was a fluke

I ain’t gonna spend too much time posting something that concerns you. But all i gots to say is this and, now it’s up to you to decide what direction you wanna take it to.

Don’t threaten a minor
Don’t bring other people into ur marvel beef, like ur bro and cousin, lol.
Just pretend Soo and reset don’t even exist.
If you really wanna take it to a whole new different level, that can be done too, u better have medical insurance.
Or, you can drop it, shut the fuck up and play ur game.
You call the shots.

whats good hmc, i miss S.A. days =(

John Tran, beasting at evo. CYF are you in town? Haven’t seen u in forever. Hopefully, everyone is doing fine.

HMC should play dipset for fun one of these days.

Yo fuck all that, it’s been dropped. Just let the gaming do the talking, i guess since mine is shit, that’s how i talk, haha. Anyway, Soo will play fanatiq for money to settle this beef. After, this beef should never come up again.

Can I enlist?

soo is the recruiter all enlistments go to him =)

Okay guys Soo is not looking for specifically Magneto players. Just as long as you’re dope =D. We are on the look out so if you want to be in make yourself known!

well, i was actually hoping for one of those avatars since fightersgen is down and i can’t make myself a new strider one. but i’m happy to enlist if you guys want to start a strider division in there.

dope, our own thread… <3

what if you smoke dope?

Why you take my lunch money soo, oh yeah, my sisters too, twice.

hmc.? wtf is hmc.? damn am i out the loop or what… what yall been up to since i been gone.? i hope i havent been forgotten about. anyone going to ffa tmr.? (saturday) imma try and make it, but im a little rusty so my game will be off.


I hear theres gonna be people from other areas coming on saturday, i say HMC does a robbery and pick up some loot :tup:

i hear ben vs dan for shots is goin down

I got money on dan. I heard he drinks shots by the cup.

everyone go tonite (saturday).

hmc is hot. playing money matches all night. how much money did you guys make?

dan good game on 3s. haha chun vs Q is too easy no fun for Q.