Higher Stakes 3rd Strike @ GVN Winter Brawl 4 - February 27th 2010 - Philadelphia, PA

3rd Strike side tournament at GVN Winter Brawl 4

TBA February 27, 2010

Sheraton hotel, 4101 Island Ave.



Entry Fee

Tournament Format

[LIST]emulator or Playstation 2 3s (arcade?)[/LIST]
[LIST]8 player minimum [/LIST]
[LIST]2/3 game set; 3/5 winner’s/loser’s/grand finals)[/LIST]
[LIST]double elimination[/LIST]
[LIST]super arts can be changed[/LIST]
[LIST]winner cannot change character during a set[/LIST]
[LIST]Gill is banned [/LIST]
[LIST]judgement feature will be in effect [/LIST]
[LIST]random bracketing (done with bracket maker software)[/LIST]

Prize Structure
[LIST]$50 entry towards the pot[/LIST]
[LIST]more than 20 entrants top 8 pot gets split 50/20/10/7.5/5/5/2.5/2.5[/LIST]
[LIST]<20 top 3 gets split 70/20/10[/LIST]

NOTE: This is a separate tourny from Eric’s main 3s singles tourny.

Sign ups

]Diaper Bomb
]MrQuotes (confirm?)
[]Nica KO

***** We need a computer that can run 3s on emulator flawlessly, as well as two monitors for head to head setup. Please post/PM/let me know if you can provide one of these. *****

who has the heart.

I will try to talk to my dad.

I know damn well I have the heart.

Ya know as much as I want to do 100$ I think most of the FGC is poor as hell. So $50 sounds reasonable for a BALLER’s ; gentleman only 3rd strike tournament. I hope this goes thru cuz it’ll be sickkkkkk.

I am down to do this in Doylestown, not so sure about console yet. Hori’s ruin 3s, imo.

Hmmmmm. I know I don’t have the skill, but I’m in for $100.

If this a decent amount of players I will add a special prize to the pot.

i would do this but not on ps2 :sad:

If we were playing on arcade i would be down for $100

But since we are playing on PS2 we should keep it at $50.

If it’s ok with Eric and someone could help us truck the cabs there, we could bring a set of Japanese Versus City head to head cabs w/ 3s.


make it happen :x

Fight like gentlemen. Live like gentlemen.

If this tournament was winner takes all it’d be hilarious for the pay out… but then no one else would enter lol.

Change the tournament name to Ballers/Gentlemans Only 3rd Strike.

We could also prob get a Uhaul for hella cheap to get it down thar too on the bringing the jap h2h cab dealie.

Mind= Made up.

Fuck it I will see yall at Winter Brawl. Even if its not cab…

if theres confirmation that the cabs will be there by January im definitely in there



It’s a head to head japanese sitdown arcade cabinet. :lovin:

Some of the NY players said they would go if you can bring this.

None of us can find anyone willing to let us borrow their truck (U-HAUL won’t work due to time constraints) to get the cabs there. So, unless any of you can help us out with the truck, the higher stakes 3rd Strike tournament will be on PS2 with a $50 entry fee.

let’s make this happen players.

After this, all other tournaments will be… gutter trash.