Highest damage combo in the game?


I have a burning desire to know the most highly damaging combo in the game.

It can be as specific as hell, I just need to know it. Counter hits, abusing Seths’ stun… no rules. I just want dat damage.

Anyone know?


The Fuerte infinite?


Level 3 Focus xx Giefs Max Ultra. :rofl:


Oooooooh shit.


Final TAP xx super?


Abel’s infinite on Rufus does ~ 1150 damage.


This I think, as far as non infinite combos go. Does 900+ damage if the TAP counterhits.


The diminishing returns makes it shit like after awhile right? You gotta reset for it to go back to normal numbers.


Fuerte doesn’t have an infinite.


Yeah, he gets pushed too far away to continue the loop after a few reps.


I haven’t paid too much attention to him to be honest, just remember it being discovered and people complaining when the game first came out.

Your avatar is awesome by the way!


tap = ?


turn around punch


awesome avatar haha.


I’m assuming this is balrog’s hold 3 punches and release move?


Rage quit has the most damage


I thought we already established Dan’s taunt super was supreme.


gouken, seth, sakura & can do over 900 stun in one combo
Balrog turn punch in to head butt then ultra


final TAP into super: [media=youtube]-UrsMZTB3t4&feature=related[/media]


Only problem with sakura’s Stun combo’s is the damage is near minimal.