Highest damage combo

With damaging scale taken into account, what is the highest damage combo possible by any character? By this, I mean all the hits have to be in a single chain i.e. between the first and last hit of the string, the opponent cannot block or counter attack, only watch themselves get pummeled. It can include super into ultras etc. as long as it’s all in one unblockable combo.

gouken had some really strong combo, search on youtube

Balrog’s final TAP > Super?


I’ve seen and done a close to 80% health combo with Gen by combing Gekiro into his super into his crane U1.

E Ryu does crazy damage like 400 damage bnbs

must be hacked. Full health taken off in a turn punch?!

im amazed people still dont know you can charge TAP and have it do more damage the longer its charged.

and it was counterhit

TAP has levels that are charged by holding 3P/3K … but Final TAP takes something like 56 seconds to charge. So it’s not impossible, just very uncommon.

CH Final TAP xx Super with Balrog on Crane Stance Gen doing c.HP is fucking scary.

Gen takes 250% - I’m not sure on the value, someone correct me on this - damage off CHs from his Crane c.HP. Add Final TAP - which does 560 or so damage if I remember correctly - and Super to that and voila.

Why a crane stance gen specificially? And is there any setup(s) for Final TAP, or situations I could look for when trying to land it? (Yes, I know I’m insane).

Because as I said, Gen’s Crane Stance c.HP specifically takes absurd extra CH damage if he gets hit. Probably because the move itself does insane damage and stun, so they made it like this to balance it out.

Final TAP takes 56 seconds to charge. I don’t think there are any realistic setups for it, unless you plan to downback and never tech for basically a whole round, but I’m no Balrog player, so I can’t say for sure.

I have seen Poongko using this combo in online matches against Dhalsim and Gouken though, but I just assumed they were horrible and he was trolling.

balrog wins hands down, but oni’s got some wicked damage with his FADC

if i cheated and added his resets (which might as well be combos because it hasn’t missed yet) he can take 75% of there life away with 3 ex bars and an ultra.

well shit heres a vid that does like 75% health without a reset (tho he uses stun)

Boxer final tap to super, LOTs of random impractical gouken setups, and chun infinite?

Im surprised no one mentioned Yun’s ultra into genjei jin super juggle. I saw a video of him doing like 700 dmg off that.

im not even trying to troll but in my opinion dans u1 does alot of damage, more then i taught. i wonder is there any way u can combo into it ?

400 isn’t uncommon, but I will say Oni can freaking unload. I’ve found several combos that are 580+ and actually combos you could pull off in a real match too is the scary part.

Any EX fireball FADC works at midscreen. He has some pretty buff corner combos.

Not too impractical, but Ken can do j. HP/HK, st. HK, Super, Ultra for 668 damage against the Hawk/Gief(probably 666 against 1000 health characters).

Other than infinites, it’s probably the “on Crane c.HP CH Final TAP XX Super” mentioned before. Or “Final TAP, trade, U1, Super” on Maskless Vega in Vanilla SFIV.