Highest damage punish

I find myself lost in opportunities where I know there are better punishes. Elf seems to be really good at baiting opponents into irrational moves and it would really help me out if I practiced/learned better punishes.

my question is what are the best punishes when you have a clear opening such as a missed shoryuken, crumple, missed headbutt etc?

in 3 different scenarios:

  1. No bar
  2. Bar
  3. RSF related

The best choice being the highest damage output.


damn it lol. I was hoping there would be some other way around RSF since i can’t really do it yet.

there is one other way but its not worth it: cl.hk xx guacamole (ex with meter for highest damage)

but seriously. just rsf.

just practice the shit out of it, its hard to do compared to 90% of the shit in this game but its tottally worth it and once u have the rythm down it becomes less hard.

you need rsf, just practise watching video tutorials. let the rythem take over you! :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about Damage input too much because the whole point of El Fuerte (imo) is mind games. I generally do whatever I can for damage and if I can land the best option I do. If you can’t RSF just work on your mind games and even if you can do the RSF work on your mind games some more.

dont forget you can punish with ultra! its delicious

if you land a crumple, i recommend always doing RSF even if you have ultra loaded. save ultra for when they JUMP:wow:

i like it when after a crumple, ultra whiffs. how fun :slight_smile:

add a slight delay/pause before doing the ultra after the crumple, it should work everytime

I often use a ghetto variation of RSF; cl.hp xx run, slide. I do like cl.hk xx guac but the cl.hk is not an easy normal to connect, easiest for me when my opponent is landing.

If I have a bar, I might do a few standing light jabs and then ex-run back, tortilla. But this requires them to not jump or dash after the jabs.

Sadly, most of my punishes for a whiff end up being cr.hk or a throw. And those are not the most efficient.

I need to get on the RSF train. Then it’ll be, “Chili today, hot tamale!”

  1. No bar: RSF, If you can not RSF you must do the following: Close range FP xx Run xx Slide

  2. Bar: close HK xx ex Guacamole or close range FP xx Run xx Gordita Sobat xx Super

Playing El Fuerte and not being able to consistently RSF?

That’s like playing E honda and not knowing how to headbutt.

RSF is like 90% of your game don’t ever consider an alternative, go practice so your gameplay can improve dramatically.

I find it insulting that somebody would “main” El Fuerte and not be able to use his one useful combo. Its completely disrespectful to Fuerte. I’ve honestly told people in real life who attempt to play El Fuerte they are absolutely no threat then go onto sit there and Focus cancel taunt their splash attempts. Fucking useless.

As for the biggest damage punish?

Run stop fierce for ~5 hits rather than finish with slide, run backwards -> buffer your ultra and if the opponent was spamming DP/Ultra punish with your own ultra out of backwards run. If they are blocking down punish with splash/tortilla, if they are blocking standing punish with slide, if they are jumping punish with ultra (punish with guacamole if they are C.viper / shoto)

The lack of perspective some people show is astounding. Especially when the perspective is useless.

Some people cannot yet do RSF in training mode. Some people cannot yet do RSF in a match. Some people will never be able to RSF. Some people do not have the hours, or maybe days/weeks for some, to practice it consistently. Using RSF is NOT a requirement to play El Fuerte. The only requirement anyone needs to play El Fuerte is a batch of guacamole quesadillas. If you do not eat quacamole quesadillas while playing El Fuerte then you might as well play Ryu without throwing a fireball. sigh

I am very competitive without doing RSF. I would be more competitive if I could do RSF. And guess what?!?! I’m learning it but I am also having a lot of fun without it. But don’t EVAR tell somebody how to play a character, and don’t ever tell someone they “must” know a certain move. No one “must” do anything. It would be very sad if every character became cookie cutter.

People play for different reasons. Most players on this forum, myself included, play to get better. That is the point of this post, someone is trying to get better because they do not yet know how to RSF.

What I am really trying to say is… Paper is a moron. I think Paper could not be a moron but Paper needs to sometimes pretend s/he isn’t as good as s/he thinks s/he is. And if Paper can RSF, s/he’s probably pretty good.

The interweb says to not be loosers; El Fuertes unite! (A looser is much worse than a loser, but most people don’t know that.)

I beat an El Fuerte who RSFed me last night. (To be fair, I’m still in G2.)

Alright, I feel bad. Nobody is a moron, I just got all worked up and defensive.

Reggae zen wisdom.

You must become the loop, so that the loop can become you… mon. :smokin:

I would like to ask you why you would think that? I would be very impressed with a Fuerte player if they won by mindgames alone. To out think everybody when every match is against you in the first place and win a tourney like EVO would be the greatest accomplishment in my opinion. What would be even scarier would be someone that could do the RSF but chose not to and STILL win a big tourney. In all reality not doing the RSF just makes matches a little harder that’s all it really does. I say do whatever you want and have fun with it.

Eh, the thing is when you are winning with mindgames, you are basically winning with gambling. At that point you’re just winning by chance. Matches are hard enuogh for El Fuerte as it is, introducing even more 50/50 choices and punish possibilities just means you have that much lses chance of guessing right and winning.

You CAN win without RSF, but you’re just making it harder on yourself. And to be honest, real opportunities to punish with RSF don’t arise all that often against good players - but even by showing them that you know how to do it, you remove a number of moves that become extremly unsafe for them to do.

Word against good players u will NOT be able to mix them up all day off one knockdown like u can on everyone g1 and down. U need to be able to maximize your damage opportunities with elf. Everytime I ever just punish with grab I cringe lol.

@ paper u have it backwards rsf is only 10 percent of your game, because as my esteemed colleague mr. Jodo stated you hardly ever get the chance to rsf good players.

I’m being called a moron for truthful statements. I thought it was bad when people flamed Kai and told him he didn’t know what he was talking about a couple weeks back in the General ELF thread.

I’ve been neg repped for posting useful threads in this section and now I’ve been told I’m a moron.

Alright listen the fuck up.

I play strictly against good players, I land rsf often. You show me an El Fuerte that wins tournaments against good players and I’ll show you an El Fuerte that can RSF. if you don’t have “the time” to learn RSF then you will never be a good El Fuerte.

calling me a moron and then going on to say that you’re in “g2” as if online play has any bearing of skill just makes me livid. The fact that I’ve spent time here trying to help El Fuertes and being slapped in the face by some shitty player that doesn’t know anything about the game is infuriating.

If you play online and think that matters to anyone you’re an idiot.
If you think you can play El Fuerte against top players and not know RSF you’re an idiot.



I will not be visiting this section again, enjoy your online play / casuals with your awesome el fuerte who you WIN against shitty players with.