Highest final grade?

I was playing at the arcades until 2 am that day waiting for challengers (with no luck)

so I just ended up pounding on CPUs =P

There was this time I got XS in the final grade, and then I thought that was like the highest.

And then I got “M.S.F.” which I assume is something like Master of Street Fighter or something.

For the MSF I had no Bs, all As and Ss and SSs, fought Q,… but I didn’t perfect the Level 5 parrying bonus round. I perfected Gill in both rounds without him resurrecting.

Anyone achieved anything higher? like MSFXX++ or something i don’t know lol

MSF is the highest grade.

7.0 Million (Ryu) with final grade MSF . =)

i got a B++ once…i was so excited! :smiley: :cool:

It’s unbelieveably easy to get MSF rating when there’s only one round each match in CPU fights =\

S++ a year ago - when I played the game. :confused:

What does XF+ mean? I saw it on the Top CPU grade. It was Gill with a XF+ grade.


LIESSSSSSS… :stuck_out_tongue:

i lose to ryu and akuma all the time. So i my final grade is like…a K+

I know I almost never say anything in the 3s area.:stuck_out_tongue:

Mine is S++ with my Yang against Hugo.(arcade) S+ on the DC version.

A++ with Ken.

The local 3rd strike is set to I think: 8-stars difficulty and 1-star damage.
I get about a B+. lol (so pathetic)

msf usually when i play against sean using alex.

just parry his expected moves, if you haven’t figured out a pattern yet then you haven’t played that long. anyway, parry everything, rush down with strong offensive moves such as powerbomb, tornado ddt, standing forward to lp chop and super. try to get two perfects with super finishing. it’s pretty hard to get an msf cause you gotta play perfectly but i usually get like an xs or an xs ++ with that matchup. A+ is like the lowest i’d get. at the end where it shows you grade, you should see the offensive/defensive bars to the max.

in ur DC, set stock SA guage to +8 in the extra options and damage to the max and 1 round matches. choose alex with stun gun headbutt. stun him over and over again and you pretty much get a guaranteed MSF. you can also do it with ryu’s denjin.

another way to get MSF is just repeatingly doing makoto’s hayate > karakusa > fierce > hayate thing. CPUs wont bother to get out of it.

I have an odd question: has anyone got a saying different then"great" when you completed the SUV bonus stage? I was playing in the arcade using Yang when it said “excellent” instead of “great”.
I had to took twice to make sure I was not seeing things. Was it a glitch or was it for real? I have not be able to get it since then,that was months ago.

This sounds a lot like how the car in SF2 had to be destroyed, but you only needed to crossover once.


Sean is one of the easier MSF victims. Dudley, Ken, Ryu and Alex are the easiest to get the MSF with (for me atleast). It’s not necessarily a fully skill based system (grading system). I’ve recieved an XS+++ with Q on a CPU Ryu by just timing his grabs until Ryu was dizzy, then a super finish. One parry per round really, and I got hit once on a short. Hell, I’ve recieved an MSF with Dudley off a CPU Ken off a fight where I had no health and Ken had 3/4, and I parried the last hits of a Shoryureppa and proceeded to get him dizzy and win that round. Next round was a squash where I didn’t get hit once, and I ended with him dizzy and a super finish and got an MSF.

You can pull off all the eye candy combos you can, but that really doesn’t effect much on the grade at the end, for the better.

XS Final grade 5,000,000+ points, playing with 8-star difficulty without any losses using Dudley SA1. Thats my highest. I got msf once or twice using Alex, but that was only after I beat Sean cuz he’s so garbage.