Highest hardware performance in SF4 series


Between a Arcade(Taito Type X 2 or 3), XBox 360, PS3, a PC with the maximum values selected, independing of the version(Vanilla, Super, AE, Ultra) and excluding the online gameplay, which these hardware show the most technical - and the best, of course - performance during a offline gameplay SF4 series? And why the most championships I see, them use the Xbox 360? I know them use it because it have most memory than PS3, but the use of Xbox 360 it’s just because the championship sponsors prefer/wants?


SF4 didn’t come out on PC until months after the console versions. Even now, the PC version is updated months after console for the patches.

Once updated, PC versions would potentially have the best performance, but at something like 3x the price per setup.

If you’re choosing between Xbox360 and PS3, though, the answer is simple: the game lags less and is considerably less susceptible to slowdowns on the Xbox.

(Nerd talk: this has less to do with how much memory the consoles have, and more to do with how efficient Capcom is at optimizing their games. By the numbers, PS3 is the more powerful system, but it has a much more complex architecture. The 360, on the other hand, is more similar to PC architecture - easy to port and optimize for.)


Arcade is technically the best because that’s still the standard that competition is held up to.

XBox 360 is used in non-arcade tournaments because SFIV doesn’t have delay on it, and also because it’s easier to set up for tournaments. Certain issues with the PC version (such as requiring a restart every time you plug in a new controller) keep it from being tournament friendly.


So, in theory, the most right form to organize a tournament has to be in Vewlix cabinets - which give to all, equal conditions - , I think. But because the high prices of these cabinets, and theoretically, if they (Capcom or Nesica?) sell the arcade software version for any PC, still cause a little delay to the hardware recognize any USB fightstick, right?


Capcom does not sell the Arcade version as a separate software product, its bound to Taito machines, you cant even buy USF4 arcade as a foreigner , and even if you manage to get your hands on it ,it does not work outside of japan because of Nesica network not available outside japan

both PC and PS3 version have input lag issue ( but pc being less problematic than PS3 ), x360 is the most stable/close version to the arcade cabinet , at least for AE2012, i hope we get a decent port fort PC this time for USF4


Actually arcade cabs have 1F input delay from what I’ve read. PC is the closest, 360 is actually 1F faster PS3 1F slower than arcade. Though it could also vary based on the cabinet type. IIRC there has been 2 different cabinets used for SF4 and one of them has a lower quality monitor which adds to the input delay.


the input delay of the PC version using the ingame Vsync is outrageous , i dont think the arcade has that much of input lag


That’s using vsync. Without it there isn’t that issue. Latif and PR Rog and Mike Ross have all stated they feel the PC is the closest to arcade and feels the best.


Input delay is not something you can -completely- avoid. Using your GPU for Vsync is basically the same as arcade delay though (…minus potential USB lag)


Well you can emulate X2 AE on PC if you’re really bored


yes disabling in game Vsync solve the in put lag issue, but that tearing is horrible even if got used to it with time, now am using Vsync from Nvidia control panel, it has some input lag but way less than the in game Vsync , way more enjoyable without the tearing


luckily i don’t experience any tearing, despite the game running at 250 FPS


So, if I was a purist and wanted a pair of originals USF4 cabinets, outside of Japan, this would be absolutely impossible, just because the Nesica network don’t works outside of Japan?

But how can a limited hardware have a one frame more than PC or Arcade which can have your devices upgraded? Arcade and PC versions are run in Windows, but still, the console run more faster than all versions. Why? Because it’s a dedicated hardware and another OS? Seems strange to me. Please remember: I’m not talking about the displays. For displays consider the same model for all versions.


IDK about USFIV but arcades have imported AE cabinets. They have an english setting. Though I haven’t seen one connected to Nesica or patched to 2012.

If 360 runs a frame faster than arcade it’s because it was programmed to for whatever reason. Input delay always exists, so when people talk about input delay, they’re usually comparing it to the standard (arcade cab in this case.) I mean if you really wanted to you could make the PC version run at 61FPS…or 59FPS…or 58FPS…or 50…or 30…blah blah blah.


If Nesica requires a Japanese IP, you might be able to get around that by running a hardware VPN. Whether you need to pay for Nesica membership or something, I don’t know.


we dont know the actual limitation of USF4 arcade cabinet like :

does it boot up even without being connected to Nesica ?

does it give you access to teste menu without being connect ?

can you fool it with a virtual japanes ip in a local VPN ?

can it run in " offline " mode with lane support ? ( multiple cabinet linked )

because for AE2012 it seems like arcades outside japan could buy it and run it in an offline mode just normally with link between cabinet working fine , however no BP/PP alternate costumes support since the arcade Card system being not supported outside japan

arcade hardware despit being a simple PC with windows embed, is limited and a fixed hardware, they developed it with that in mind and with limitation of that time , i guess they didnt bother reduce the input latency with time despit the updates/hardware upgrade , even tho you have no reason to update your arcade hardware as long the soft work properly, and even then i never heard of upgradable taito type x2 ( the one that runs SF4 serie ) and not mention it cost a crapload of money

however USF4 can run in TAITO type x3 wich is a new machine with new hardware, you can already notice better graphics from the arcade streaming USF4, as for the PC version, its simply a bad outdated port


I just hope the PC version will not require a 64-bit OS…


will not happen, SF4 does not need/benefit from x64 support


I’m pretty sure I heard USF4 cabinet doesn’t even run offline (without the bp card system). Don’t quote me on this though.


Because I have never seen someone use or select the options in a Arcade, and just to compare with PC version, which graphics options are used in SF4(any version) in a Taito Type X version?


I’d like to know what benefits (in the graphics department) the Arcade release of USF4 got with the jump from Taito Type X2 to Taito Type X3. Did they upped the Resolution and added Anti-Aliasing or something? SSF4AE on Arcades (just like Vanilla) ran at 720p (and downscaled the res on closeups) with no Anti-Aliasing whatsoever.