Highest Win Streak You've Seen?


Arcade only: What is the highest win streak you have ever seen someone achieve? I think back to 2007 and remember this crazy Remy player stacking up 70 something wins. Everyone tried to end his streak, Chun Lis, Uriens, Kens. There was a huge crowd. Recently I found this 92 wins screenshot and just wanted to share it with you guys.



this would probably work better if you put spoiler tags around the picture


Such a beautiful being


over 9000.


MutatntXP, like 82 or 89.


Long time ago I saw a screenshot from Rx’s blog where it was like 122 wins.

Never heard of anything close to that before.

Longest I’ve gotten is like 60+ a couple times but I gave it up cuz I had to use the bathroom.


Yeah, i also remember another of Rx, beasting in hong kong (i think?), 104 wins, finally getting beat by Kokujin.




This one exactly, with HK players, not in HK :d


issei at cf and tga. regular streaks above 50/60/70. i think i recall one in the 90s, but i forget