Highlander: first AH2 Tourney at UP: 100 pot bonus Saturday, June 7th Philadelphia,PA

what’s up guys… im running the first arcana heart 2 tourney here in philly… so here’s what’s up
date: saturday june 7th

sign ups 2pm, tourney start 3pm

University Pinball
40th and spruce
Philadelphia, PA

the entry fee is going to be 5 dollars/ pay per play

also im throwing 100 dollars into the pot so the payouts will be decently… so come out and let’s get this shit started.

70/20/ 10 split…

the brackets are gonna be double elimnation standard, 2/3 matches

hope to see all my philly/ny peeps ( or from any other state/ city) to come down!!

He didn’t put the time, but it’s going to start at 3pm and sign ups are going to be at 2pm.

omg out of all fucking days june 7… im thowing a house party that day. hope its early

Edit: is there any chance that it could b earlier?

so $100 dollars is going to the winner? or are you splitting this up between the palcers?

$100 goes to winner, then the rest of the pot is split normally(I’m guessing 70/20/10)

Nah, Nas wants it to go into the pot so everyone gets a decent payout. Top 3 of course.

well, the way i want now is the pot is split between the top 3…( the bonus as well as the entry fees) that way everyone gets a fair amount… unless a large consensus tells me the other way that’s how i want it… so im open to it if you guys want…

also andy… i dunno man i tried to make a month ahead of time for a reason… that everyone would have sufficent time to do it… and i didn’t want to conflict with other dates that may happen… so i saw the oppurtunity to do it… if you want an earlier start time ill see what’s up with everyone ( but remember this is the EC, usually this shit never starts on time…) but i want this to go down early… so if you can a get a general view then hopefully we can make that happen…

are you doing melty as well nas or will it just be ah2?

Hi Nas!

Put Philadelphia, PA in the thread title (double click in the space near it in the Tournaments & Events view) or Javi might delete it.

melty is no longer at up


why where the hell did it go?

yeah they took it out… they said it didn’t make any money… which is still fishy to me… but i won’t go any further

do they still have the board?

well i dunno… i think they still do… i would talk to bill jr… ( aka University pnbal or sumthin like that) prolly has it still

maybe if you put the starting time of the tourney early maybe it will get people to come where its actually on time. like saying that sign ups are at 12 and starts at 1pm? where in reality it wont start till 3pm

i remembered when a girl did that to me ALL THE TIME!

ha trust me im gonna start this on time… i don’t see why people can’t show up around 2 so we can get this shit started…

So who’s coming to this?

nvm, question answered.

I haven’t played AH1 much (just got it when it came out in US and have been on and off with it), but I am very interested to see AH2 and maybe I can make it to this. No guarantees but it is at the least on my list of considered things.

oh shit the fucking bump

also brandon it’s still two weeks from now sir relax lol