Highlander video game where are u?

What ever happened to this game that was in development by Eidos, last I heard anything about was back in 2008.

prob like every highlander project dropped like a bad habit.

Once they realized it sucked worse than Iron and Blood: Warriors Of Ravenloft, they had no choice BUT to cancel. They probably should have consulted someone who knows about making fighting games involving weapons…like Namco.

i wouldnt mind namco making a highlander game in a sc engine. that’d be pretty bomb…and you get a mortal kombat esq finisher but always ends with head chopping as you gain power through each round for attributes or sumtin.

Highlander game should be a cutthroat mmo that lets you gain your opponents best trait added to yours after you beat them in pvp.

They should make it a Ninja Gaiden/DMC style swordplay game…with flashbacks!!! Seems like a no brainer for game with level diversity…

Weren’t they remaking the movie too?

their always making/remaking a highlander movie.

Looks at Death by Degrees Yea…no thanks.

I kinda didn’t like how the game was going to have yet another Macleod. It would have been cool to play as Methos or an original non-Macleod character. It would be nice wether or not if you could choose to take an opponent’s head or not and have them come back later on in the story.

The franchise has a lot of potential for a sandbox type game like this, the only problem is getting the right developers to work on it.

Another problem is that with anything Highlander related, myself and many others I’m sure already expect it to be awful. The game would have to be stellar for the franchise to be able to hang as a video game and I don’t think anyone is willing to put in the effort for Highlander.

Who needs highlander when we got this!!!


^ that shit looks pretty neat.

I don’t think there’s really anything you could do with a highlander game that would be innovative. It would only be a fan service type of deal. But,a sandbox design would definitely be the way to go. The only cool thing you could do would be to have an adaptive plot based on decisions you make throughout your character’s history. Like,say if in the past you’re not strong enough to defeat one immortal,so you have a choice of wether or not to take an evil path and kill your immortal friend to receive his quickening to become stronger. Or just run to fight another day and let your friend live. Either choice could have a different outcome in a later century. Immortal rivalries/vendettas can be built that way. A century select could be done of way by going to interact with certain items during present time to activate a flashback. That way you would’t be forced to leave a time behind forever. So many in universe possibilities.

Because they realized they would then have to make a Highlander II video game.Edios is smarter than that.

Who would play a game where every kill HAS to be a headshot?

Team Fortress 2 at least fills this gap.