Higurashi Daybreak Thread

I searched around and didn’t find anything about this game, so I figured I’d make a thread.
If this is in the wrong section, my bad.

So has anyone played Higurashi Daybreak? Me and my brother have been playing it all day, so far Hanyu and Irie look like my mains. The game is fun as hell, the whole 2v2 idea and charge system are really cool.

I know some of you must have played this by now, I see too many Umineko avatars around for it to be otherwise!

A brief Youtubs search gives me the impression that this is Gundam vs Gundam with Higurashi characters. Is that a correct assumption?

Yeah tried the psp version myself and it is pretty fun, dunno about the gundam vs gundam comparison though since I’ve never played gundam vs gundam.

So people actually play this? I thought it looked kind of cool but it’s pretty darn out of character for Higurashi. (and misleading for anyone who hasn’t watched the anime…ohgod.)

I think it’s actually based off of some gundam game.

So far it’s fun as hell.

Each character has 3 weapons and each one gives them a completely different playstyle.

I’ve been using Irie’s healing set, but he deals good damage still too.

Hanyu actually has two moves that stop time, directly a Dio Brando reference (Her weapon is called something about The World"). She’s the squishiest character in the game, but she can fly well and she can shoot out large panes of energy (Think Urien) that move forward for a bit, deal damage, and reflect projectiles. She has a very zone-ish playstyle, probably my favorite.

Yup its like the Gundam VS series.

It has online, I just haven’t figured it out yet! Argh!

I just played the original Doujin series by Twilight Frontier (the same guys of EFZ), i find the game pretty decent, but just for playing some casual matches with a couple of friends and thats it. Never player the PSP version… i heard that is coming an upgrade soon.

That’s a sexy page, I wasn’t aware that Irie got something special if he used the friendship meter. I use the healing weapon too, it’s the best IMO.

I have the expansion, didn’t know there was going to be a PSP version though.