Hilarious anti-terror advert in UK


When I saw this about a week ago, I honestly couldn’t stop myself laughing. It’s frankly hilarious at the insinuations it puts out.


And yes folks it’s real. It was run on the some of the largest Radio Channels in the UK.


Absolutely beautiful.

“Ahllo! You’ve reached the British Anti-Terroist 'Otline! Any scallywagging ruffians to report?”

“Yes, those calad fellas been givin my the Jimmy-eye since second breakfast. An’ closes blinds they have, aye.”

“The Thought Police be on their way, guv’na.”


Right, so from what I can gather:

Pays by cash.
Closes curtains, especially if on a bus route.
Possibly anti-social, especially if doesn’t converse with neighbors.

How much do you think this advert cost to make in the UK? I’m thinking 2 Million, and possibly a special committee was set up to oversee it.


This is not at all hilarious. It’s sad and pathetic and frightening to some, but not at all hilarious. Basically, my senior citizen father is a terrorist by this description.


That’s why it’s hilarious, at the absurdity of it all. You must not be familiar with the ‘theatre of the absurd’ of which I would gladly put this advert into.

(P.S. I know the advert isn’t really much to do with the theatre of the absurd, so no need to call me names, you snooty person.)


was that real.
if it was its kinda fucked up.


Funny not found. Plenty of stupid though


This ad said to keep an eye out if you’re suspicious… Well i’m wondering if terrorist actually made this as a really shitty atempt to make us focus on everything except for what the terrorist are doing… hmmm.


If this is talkSport this is just one of their jokes it’s not real.


i didnt think it was funny just daft.
i don’t need suspicions, just go down the road and round them all up.
that’s where all the 7/7 london bombers came from, literally ten minutes walk down the street from me.


Don’t particularly like your neihbors?
Don’t like using a credit card?
Don’t want to just leave your home on show for all to see?

You are now a terrorist.

Hoping this advert is just a joke (don’t listen to the radio much) because this is just bloody stupid.




It’s made by the government and the phone number given was a real one. A person on a separate user forum contacted them and found a very real policeman speaking to him. It’s not just on talksport, it’s been played on other radio stations.

And it’s not exactly as if the British govt is above this sort of behaviour.


What would rounding up the patsies achieve? Maybe you should start with asking basic questions like how the same Israeli security company ICTS which was responsible for security on the airports from which the 9/11 bombers took off from managed to “lose” security tapes, or not release them at all, exactly the same thing happened with security footage of 9/11 airports. The security tapes would show everything that took place, especially since anti-terror drills were taking place at the same time, on the same 3 metro stations, conducting the very same anti-drill the bombers launched. Mighty coincidence there.