Hilarious online tactic

Just to make people frustrated and angry, I pick a good runaway character. I then try to run away from them the whole match. (The whole 99 seconds) also hit and run :stuck_out_tongue:

ITS Hilarious to see how they react… they usually just rage quit.

especially with fuerte i just run away----> body splash, run away run away, and so on…

with akuma I just teleport like hell and air tatsu out of there spamming the hell with my hados if i have too.

I do this ONLY FOR FUN. not in a serious match.

This is the best way to piss off people… o yeah and don;t forget to taunt frequently.

What do you think of this?

i think you’re trolling

this is the spam forum

Please refrain from using NSD for things besides asking questions on how to better yourself at fighting games, thanks.

I suggest pulling the plug. It works every time.

Congrats, you have learned that keepaway is easy in lots of matchups.

Next up is discovering DP shortcuts, right?

you guys are dicks

jump back roundhouse all day

stop trolling

Try to get past C rank with Makoto and play against a jump back Akuma or Ken, and this will come to a screeching halt.

no. the idiot that created this thread thinking this was the right place for a stupid thread like this is the dick.

whateva bro

ITT: trolls trolling trolls.

its a legit strategy. its lame but if it works it works.

you could have just not clicked on it… or replied to it…

i think it is slightly fun when people do hit and runs and dont take it seriously. when i know that is what they are doing i just play along.

I think you need a new hobby if you get fun out of doing that. :confused:

try walldiving. ONLY.
; )

Only in Srk

What do I think of it? Err well it’s an awful strategy…But whatever, if it’s for fun then it doesn’t matter, just don’t see the point of the thread in the first place cause you already know this. Unless you’re asking if people think you’re a dick for doing it, in which case no I don’t care.

wow u guys are serious shit and lol @ Valerean… calm down


so don’t take it so seriously. i aint trolling

You do that and they catch on to your pattern your going to get your ass handed to you in a match.