Hilariously skilless character



no footsies, relies on a loop, does nothing but guess on opponents wakeup and throw random shit hoping it hits.

also, in b4 any of you scrubs call guessing with punishable moves 10+ times a match mindgames, because it is nothing but guessing and being a random mashing scrub.

enjoy being awful


Uh, Ai weesh ai wur a burd!


lol says the scrub who has probably never played a tourney in his life and i would beat not only with elf but prob about half the cast. Try doin something before you post scrub otherwise shut the fuck up.


hai cn u tech me hao tu plai le forte? he iz strong very. i wan tu du loop de loop


and the fat virgin has spoken.


haha, fuerte hate. stop bitching that hes a scrub character, his shit is soo easy to get out of. thank god most players are ignorant and dont learn theiir shit, thats the difference between pretenders and top players.




Yo Spore… STAY GDLK.


great thread bro.

Also watch, he won’t post again :l


my thread was completely overshadowed ;__;


Obvious troll is obvious.




A troll trying to troll trollers?

Not to mention, you guys fell for it for giving this thread the benefit of replies.


^ hey you added to it just by pointing that out


Footsies with far mp, far hk and f+mk

Combo when you fuck up. stop fucking up

Everyone guesses on wakeup.

Keep on mashing that dragon punch.

Our buddy here doesn’t know anything about fighting games… sorrowful.




As funny as it might seem, the majority of El Fuerte players are exactly as the fat virgin depicts them to be.

Most Fuerte players who don’t main another character, or play other fighting games, have no idea what footsies are, and simply rely on random specials to fluke the odd win here and there.

Fat Virgin is godlike imo lol.




Ridiculous, Fuerte is easy to beat if you are just mashing out specials. If you lose to someone doing this, then you probably deserve to lose.


ITT Dawgtanian on multiple accounts trolling fuerte board for the lulz