Hilde Combo: Instant Ring Out

I haven’t seen anyone contribute much to Soul Calibur 4, figure I’d get this started with a combo I sex’d up.


There is a SC4 thread no need to make a new thread for a video.


WELL **** seems, this is shakeable! Tho’ it’ll make a noob cry. Sadness for Hilde and her lack of legit combos.

Hold the phone for a second. Not only did you post this where it wasn’t supposed to be, but you are claiming a video that you didn’t make as well? You should just GTFO.

Just so you know where I’m getting that you stole the combo:


It already said that it was shakable in the video description.

looks around

I updated the video on youtube you smacker. Good thing you aren’t a detective or you’d probably get confused and throw yourself in jail. The name on my youtube account is virtually identical to the one here on SRK. Peace, drop out.

Im glad hilde is my favorite

But at the end of the day you should have just let this float to the bottom. You made a mistake and now YOU are the one who looks silly trying to argue over it.

Word to the wise, when you are testing juggles you need to set the AI to second action “guard all” … air control and after that set the AI on the hardest difficulty and see if they shake it.


(sorry, had to do that)


The “it” I was arguing over was not relavent to my mistake. I did not argue over my mistake. Learn to formulate your thoughts. Totally forgot SC4 wasn’t Tekken, and breaks didn’t involve holding forward. That was my mistake.

Not gonna take prepubescent comments up the ass, so I’ll be sure to post a response. And 'bout that trade from Spooty, was a bit obvious, but way to capitalize, ha.

Can we just, yknow, close this thread, post this in the SC4 thread instead, and call it a night?

Yeh that’d be bad ass, dunno how to close this shit tho.

you’re a moron. the soul calibur IV thread’s been really active, and then you go make your own thread with a shakeable stun combo that spooty punked you out on.

nice work.