Hillary Clinton scares me


Hillary is the evilest person alive. She is an evil evil evil woman. Hillary Clinton is dangerous and she’ll stop at NOTHING to get what she wants.

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aye @Pertho - isn’t it a little early for the election thread?



Fucking Christ.



Its never too early for this thread.

What does Hillary want?



All she wants is to hurt people and bring pain and misery across the world. I know a lot of people hate America’s president but all he wants to do is help his country and bring back jobs and border security to his country that he loves so much. He doesnt deserve his hate. Christ told us to love each other WITHOUT exception. All crooked Hillary wants is to hurt people and divide her country. Look at seth rich. look at pizzagate. Those people are human beings. God wanted trump to become americas leader. communism and evil tyrany will not rule over america and it will never be allowed in canada either. crooked hillary is an evil evil person and deserves to burn in hell forever #maga



If christ told you to love each other without exception, shouldn’t that mean that you should love Hillary?



More children to drink their blood and harvest their adrenal glands.



Crooked Hillary isn’t human. She is a demon.

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Despite being arguably the worst president ever a title Trump shares with James Buchanan.

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There are many people who consider Trump to be the greatest human being that is presently alive. #MAGA



This can’t be real. This has to be a troll lol



Is he ElderGod, Pedoviejo, or an entirely new challenger?



It’s an amalgamation of all of them. A Cronenberg version if you will.



I’m not pro hillary at all(like AT ALL), but the way this presented feels way too stereotypical lol



I want Crooked Hillary to spend the rest of her life in solitary confinement. I hope she never sees the sun rise ever again. She is evil to the core. I hate her more than anything.



Hillary might have “blood” on her hands, but she is not the devil.
The most threatening thing about Hillary is shes incompetent and probability slowly going senile.

Most fitting punishment for Hillary is allow her to slip into obscurity and forget she’s ever was a contender for office.

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Hillary Clinton lost the election.

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No shit. Multiple times.

Whats your point?



Do you believe in “the word of law”? Crooked Hillary broke the law. She ignored reports that people in Benghazi were going to die (laughed about it), she murdered at least Seth Rich, she ran a child sex trafficking ring, she allowed her countrys defense to become weak by sending classified information over a private email server and when she got caught she deleted the evidence to protect her own butt. She has taken no responsibility for all the lives shes completely ruined. When you break the law you should have to pay the price. Canada is also now starting to become a country without laws where criminals can just do whatever they want but Hillary isnt some sewer dwelling criminal of the normal variety she has so much power even now in the deep state. why havent the people who aproved the ILLEGAL mueller report been sent to jail when its been proven that Trump never colluded with Russia even once yet Hillary actually did collude to try and win the election but she still lost shes just a sore loser and she will NEVER be president. Shame on her!



Whats the deep state?