Himura Amusements, are they gonna jack me?

i just ordered from this site: http://www.himuragames.com/home.php

i sent an e-mail to their sales and customer service about my order info because i paid via paypal and never received an order confirmation. anybody have luck with them recently?

people seem to think the owner/shipper is gone and taking people’s money. Maybe we should sticky a post saying not to use them

damn, here we go, PAYPAL DISPUTE HIS ASS!

I thought the webpage had closed down??? Please make this a sticky someone…

Yeah, he no longer sells stuff, he is as good as gone. Please get your money back from paypal asap.

since himura doesn’t work, can somebody recommend me a good site for snap in sanwas? i’d go through ponyboy but he doesn’t have them :sad:

you can order from per, but u might have to wait a bit


I made the same mistake of ordering for Himura. I ordered my stuff over a month ago and nothing. I paypal disputed him but I don’t really get how that is going to work. If he doesn’t get back to me does paypal give me my money back?

paypal sets a deadline for the guy. for me, it says:

A claim has been filed against this transaction. The seller’s deadline for responding to this claim is Apr. 14, 2007. If the seller does not respond by the deadline, the claim will be decided in your favor

paypal is good. :lovin:

If you decide you might want Seimitsu, I have an order going out next week! :tup:

I opened a dispute one week after I realized I wouldn’t get my parts (March 11th), and escalated into a claim a week after. Got my refund today… :wgrin: