Hinokakera 3.01a Fragment Eclipse with P2P NetPlay (!)

Alright, thanks to SRK’s 4649 I have been advised that there’s an important patch for this game:

3.01a ( http://www.badongo.com/file/8571615 )

IRC Information: (Thanks to SRK Spooty)

Room: #fragments
On The Server: irc.rizon.net

NetPlay Tutorial: (Special Thanks to Spooty for reminding me of my scrubbiness…LMAO and to Nekich for his awesome Strategy Guide…again that can be downloaded at the link above)

Since version 2.02, Hinokakera has a peer-to-peer netplay mode, made into a
separate “netvs” executable. Before running it, right-click on the file and
select “Properties”. There, open a second tab and enable Win2000 compatibility
mode, then click “Ok”. Without this, the application won’t run on XP and Vista
systems. Also, to prevent a possible desynchronization, make sure you and your
opponent have the same graphics/sound settings in “config.exe”.

Netpay window itself is self-explanatory - type your nickname into the
"Name" field and select to be either “server” or “client”.
To host an Internet game, an external IP-address and an open port are
required (LAN games maybe hosted with internal IPs and closed ports). Enter
both of them and select the desired framerate. Do note, that 60FPS will
probably work only in a LAN game. Since there are no chat fucntions or lobbys,
you will have to give the 2nd player your IP and port numbers and the press
"Wait". Netvs will report a successful connection. Afterwards, simply press
Client, aside from IP/port numbers doesn’t need anything else to connect.

Notes about netplay:

  • Host is always the 1st player, client - 2nd;
  • Regardless of the player being a host or a client, netplay will use 1st
    player controls;
  • Once started, the game runs and looks as usual, except some menus are
  • Both players can navigate through menus simultaneously (causing much
  • Both sides load their own save files. This may result in players seeing
    different character colours in-game (happens when one of them selects 4th
    colour not yet unlocked by his or her opponent).

Happy Gaming…

Wow, looks cool…

I messed around with it for a few minutes in practice mode, seems ok I guess. Is there a way to get out of the juggles? If not, most characters have infinites.

Really? I think you can recover after hits but thats about it.

Also the blonde chick with the sabre is HORRIBLE. The best combo I did was 11 hits for 2000 damage. WTF.

I was thinking the same thing. I was playing Raven and pretty much all I would do in practice is ->B-launch-A,B,C-A-A,B,C-repeat. I know he’s not the only character with a “combo” like this.

BTW, how’s Raven strategy-wise? He seems alright to me, but I suck at “tiering”.

EDIT: The combo is this…

->B (launches)-A,B,C, (land on ground) A, (jump up) A,B,C, repeat.

Although Milky’s video explains this well enough…

I just tried to do that and it did not work? Could you take a video of it or something.

The closest I got was 9 hits :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah I have this game. I actually wanna try playing it some. It has online play too. Of course I play Aya <3

Added a prototype tier list.

how is aya top? mind providing explainatio for those choices?

Hot looking game…i like, i like

They are not infinites, you can break out of them. I tested them against the AI.

Here is a short example of one of the loops we were talking about, though they are worthless with the bounce out of juggle thing.


“how is aya top? mind providing explainatio for those choices?”

Great supers (which have some decent combos), good damage, she can combo her throw into her QCB+B, and some other random stuff. Shes pretty good. I pretty much just put her as Top because of how good she is, not compared to any other fighters data wise. She’s probably top middle / middle.

Aronia though…

With max energy guage you can deal an easy ~6000 damage combo with like no effort with her @_@

How the fuck do you play online on this shit?

Man SRK is on one hell of a doji fighter kick.

1st furries,then nazi, and now this?!

whats next? :looney:

Frogs… Dont you know?

SRK isn’t playing IaMP. :V

I wanna learn how to play that shit. That game is mad fun. I wanna pick up the chick with the sword. Dont remember her name though.

The wiki: http://iamp.mizuumi.net

#iamp on irc.pyoko.org for matches and chat.

And enough thread hijacking from me; Hinokakera’s alright, but I’m not big on the 2.5D genre so I never fully got into it. If it gets a decent netplay I would probably try it.

It has really smooth netplay when you are within the same state.