Hint at NEW Capcom Marvel game

suprised its not posted yet. this post is confirmed by seth killian.


/me awaits marvel fans to go bonkers


I wish it was true…

Probably talking about putting MvC1 on XBL or something.

If it actually is a new game.

The Drama will reach an unmeasurable amount.


Crank it crank it RYU!!! Crank it crank it SPIDER MAN!!!

im betting on mvc1 for live after that random marvel interview that popped up last week

umm isn’t it more likely they meant the MvC release for xbox live there’s already been rumblings about

edit: wow beaten badly

I thought they couldn’t do this though without the licence? Would that indicate chances of a Marvel collection sometime in the future?

I’m not a big Marvel fan, but that would seriously be cool. Likeliness of it happening is extremely slim I would think.

Great? Lots Double War Machine… and a F*ck load of Red Venom/Wolverine…

That garbage needs to stay dead… LOL…

I miss the days of the Mega Man/ Ryu team v. Strder/ Chun… LOL… OG MVC there…LOL

Maybe we can finally see Shadow Jin?

Are You OKAY?! that my favorite phrase ever!!:pray:

anyway they need to make a well balanced (Capcom VS SNK 3 :Evolution Fighthing 2008) lol

Yeah I get a lot of comments on it, either good or bad but all entertaining lol.

CvS3 would be nice, but from rumors I heard on here Capcom proposed the idea to SNK only to have them reject Capcom. SNK has some pretty big balls these days.

I want MotW instead. Different company, but I still want it on Live Arcade.

CvS3 would be nice. Capcom could re-sprite some characters like Dudley, Elena (broken already?), and maybe Alex. Just talking about Capcom and fighting games, I hope Sengoku Basara X turns out good.

If this happens, it will be:

1.) 4 on 4
2.) The Marvel ‘lead’ team for the intro will be the Fantastic Four
3.) Mr. Fantastic and Human Torch will be top teir, The Thing being mid/bottom
4.) Everyone will have air super and air dash

That is all.

marvel vs dc?!

My team:


I want it

Id prefer Marvel vs DC vs Capcom… vs SNK.