Hint at NEW Capcom Marvel game

well it will be 4 on 4 with 3 different assists for each team.

I’ll be Magneto, Magneto, Magneto, Magneto with Psy, Captain Commano, Tron assists

whats dc?


I like that team lol

Watch them slap a handful of features and netcode for MvC1 and call it a “new” game for XBL.

Marvel 1 engine with all of Marvel 2’s characters? YES PLEASE!

Marvel Super Heroes layout, look, feel, music, gems plus MvC2’s chars. yeah!

I loved activating the gems in that game. I wonder if that constitutes ‘randomness’ and would not be tolerated in tournament play?

Why didnt Thanos get his MSH moveset in MvC2? He STILL wouldnt have been top tier… just playable. Stupid Capcom, rapin’ mah Thanos.

well it was allowed in MSH tourneys.

It’s not quite like an exploding barrel taking some of your life though…and you can get em back.

ooh and the stages too. MSH stages+music=ggpo

I want to be a true believer!

OMG Stan Lee as a playable character…! EXCELSIOR! (or however thats spelled) :pray:

Well shit, if we are just asking for things, I want:

  • XvS style (speed , Button layout, no assist)
  • Marvel vs Dc (cause we all know capcom characters are out of their league in a MVC2 type format)
  • Dont fuck up Magneto
  • Make the Dc characters good/able to fight marvel characters (Who would be on there squad?? Bats, Supes, Flash, Doomsday would be coo, but who else??)
  • Dont fuck up Magneto
  • Sent unblockable fixed
  • Storm hailstorm more lag after performed
  • Dont fuck up Magneto lol


dude mvc2 is fun as hell with the top tiers so why would you wanna nerf them :confused: just buff everyone else up

Not everyone lol

To be honest, all i would ask is that the unblockable from sent be fixed. Everything else could stay. But they would seriously need some nasty DC characters to compete with that marvel squad lol

I wonder what it would do to the tiers if they did change it back to a XvS style. Would the mvc2 top 4 be better or worse off?? I think mag and storm would still be nasty, but cable/sent would have to play a little diff minus assists.

Hyper Marvel ftw…That would be fuckin broken insanity MvC2 with gems nigga roflls.

All incarnations of each character…But do you think it would be on the stupid side kinda like HyperSF2 (even though I thought it was decent), or in your opinion would you think it would work? Like for example:

Wolverine (MSH)/Omega Red (COTA)/Chun-Li (XvSF): The buttons would not have the assist feature so they played OG style.
Sentinel (MvC2)/Mag (MvC2)/Storm (MvC2)

All I know something like that would be strange as hell to play.

Fuck Doomsday. Get Supes, Bats, the various Flashes (Jay, Barry, and Wally), J’onn, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, Captain Marvel, Hawk Man, the Atom (a la Servbot), Green Arrow, the Black Canary, Zatanna, Mr. Miracle, Plastic Man, Barda, Metamorpho, Mr. Mxysptlk, Sinestro, Clayface, Toy Man, Luthor, Mongul, Brainiac, Bizarro, Lobo… tons of great characters to choose from. Darkseid could be the boss. Oh man.

Also, god damn, Batman would kill everybody. If he’s anything like he is in the comics, he’ll be broken tier by far. Whoever pairs up Batman and Superman would basically destroy all other tiers for free.

WTF… Captain Marvel ain’t with DC!!! Where do you think the name “MARVEL” comes from?

Man they should just keep MVC2 like it is just add new characters, stages, BETTER MUSIC!!!
thats about it.

Give everyone good assist types
Give everyone air dash
Give everyone air supers

Don’t forget about that stuff!

sneaky capcom:pray:

Captain Marvel is the Shazam! guy. Shazam is what he yells to become Captain Marvel.