Hip hop avs- get em here

graffiti from http://www.w1ld.com/graffiti.html

sup man i really like this style of av
can you hook me up with a urien one themed in purple and gold (like LSU’s colors)
with koopatroopa on it

thanks if you can get to it

wow, those tear SERIOUS ass. Do you draw the graffiti, or what?

Those are tight.

Do you only make 3s AVs or do make any for other games too?

Damn that’s tight. I’d love one of those. But yeah is it only 3s or others too.

Regardless that shit is nice.

could you hook me up with a pink and white av with cable in it,with Mizusaki on it

thanks really would appreciate this yo!

Think u can hook me up with one of Alex with sporting orange and white UT colars

Shit. Those are hot.

If only I had a large Popeye sprite for ya.

Oh well.


I was wondering if i could get a Remy av? If possible the start+HK color. Thanks.

Oh snap, that shit is HAWT. You better watch out Bro, or you’ll have PMs up the ass for fucking avs. This is great because at least it’ll take some heat off of my iPod av requests.



yeah…lord knows my smash bros. avs haven’t.

ok, that’s all the bitching I’m gonna do about no one wanting my avatars. I’m done. promise.


P.S.: why the fuck doesn’t anybody request my avs?

forgot to post this the first time, but i will modify the premade avs if someone wants me too.

naw i dont do graffite unfortunatly… hopefully when i get some time, i will learn it. but these avs were mainly inspired from the song by K-os : B-Boys Stance

all i have are mainly 3s avs, but if you have the sprite, ill do it :tup:

sure thing, but im not sure where to find a cable sprite… if u can give me a site or somethin, that would help the process go quiker

@big beef
workin on it…

thanx for the props :encore:

@worthless scrub
soon as i finish alex :tup:

more props :encore: lol. but yea i am afraid of that… hopefully i can handle it

@givequicheachance again
your avs are definitly the shit man… its just that no one really plays that game here, i guess

edit- koopa troopa, sorry im workin on urs too :tup:

ok to make this process alittle quiker, just pick a graffati bg that u want to use as well as the other stuff i listed


ill still try to find the right ones for the ppl that already posted though.

can you make a ryu one like yours but with ryu’s fierce punch colors from 3s (black gi white banadana?) and akumar under that?
that would be much appreciated thanks!

Can the sprite I supply be animated or only non-animated is allowed?

shit son make me a pink dudley one

you’ll be updating that soon enuff. :rolleyes:

i’d like one prem. sized using this:

for BG use whatever.

keep up the good work :tup:


i personnally liked it with out the text, but u decide. also if that bg isnt exactly the colors u want, feel free to to look for one and give to me so i can re do it :tup:


thats pretty much what u wanted right?

*starts working on more

Ok, I give in.

I want one…


This sprite:

See Adam Epstein

This Grafitti:


This text:

I thank you.


EDIT: Whoops! Cleaned up that Popeye sprite.

EDIT2: Whoops! Cleaned it up again. I’m done now…I promise.

Yo Nas, hook me with a bit nicer background. This one looks a bit messy. and make this Ken Gi pink. Yeah thats right. PINK :tup: Thanks in advance

cya online!