Hip-hop is the most forward thinking genre


In the history of music, there has never been a genre that has promoted progressive ideals similar to the impact of Hip Hop.

Genres like rock, country, and dubstep only promote cultural and societal stagnation. In fact, I challenge you to name a genre (that’s not classical) which rivals the progressiveness of hip-hop.

Here’s an example of hip hop promoting good ideas:



Lil’ Wayne is this century’s Ludwig Van Beethoven.



Insert B)
Insert sarcastic Dr.B praise
Insert nonchalant reference of children, anime, and porn in the same sentence
Insert post 09’er hate
Insert sister fucking fiction story
Insert hate of Xbone and PS4 not running 1080P/60FPS on every game
Insert that went well
Insert old hostile SRK nostalgia
Insert calfturday pic
Insert correlation between primate and SWB
Insert anti white people gif
Insert false assumption of dominance over chimps
Insert feminist hate
Insert BBQ bird pic troll
Insert why items are good or bad for smash
Insert right to fuck your own dog in your own home
Insert annoyance at being called fat by dab00g
Insert long story where story teller refers to his daughter as "the kid"
Insert not giving a shit about the game industry and calling anyone who does a dork
Insert being a racist Hispanic who claims not to be racist
Insert flame lord
Insert you just don’t know
Insert go die in a fire neg rep comment

if you know who or what most of these references are of you’ve spent too much of your life on SRK.


Insert why Shinobi is the best 3DS game


^ that game has a training mode, but no enemies in there.

Insert that broker guy who posts dem rap qwotz on his website

“Who you fuckin with, I’m the fucking boss!” - "see here Rawse exemplifies trading with impunity to make the money, and he can because he has confidence in in yes something–etc,

Or Obama, “if people are talking trash about you (this time Bill clinton backing his woman) I learned that you just brush your shoulders off!”




Hip Hop isn’t progressive If it was, you blacks wouldn’t be shooting each other with stolen firearms. You’d progress past that shit, therefore hip hop only promotes stagnation.


here’s what that forward thinking is going to lead you to



compared to what? eating high cholesterol tortilla-based food while worshiping your Anglo-Saxon HeySoos?


I don’t know about “you”

or “people”

But I do have a Negro Rambo Association card. Blat blat.


Jesus Christ is my nigga!



Nu metal.

Fight me my angst.


the fuck you talking about. hip hop isn’t the most progressive genre out there. I’m responding to your dumbass claim with a stupid response that pigeon holes this genre with it’s associated stereotype becuase it’s as easy as you make it out to be.

the fact that you believe rock and country promote social stagnation is fucking absurd, and stupid. Maybe you should stop listening to the local rock station, and I’ll stop looking at vevo to make my judgment on hip hop.


Seen some european spanish speaking guys going on about “Jesus is their nigga” too on youtube.

But for now, ballin


If hip-hop was progressive, the artists would be biting lyrics from and sampling songs that haven’t come out yet. And maybe they’d stay on target when they get invited to contribute a rap verse to the last part of a pop song, and actually make the their contribution a continuation of the theme of the subject of the song, instead of some off-topic babbling, or something that COMPLETELY contradicts the rest of the song.


I miss the days of good troll threads.